Propane Regulator Cover, Two-Stage

  • $ 8.68

Need a propane regulator cover for your RV propane tank regulator? This Propane Regulator Cover fits two-stage horizontal propane tank regulators, like Marshall Excelsior two-stage regulators.

LP gas regulators reduce the pressure of LP gas vapor from tank pressure to desired appliance pressure. According to national code, a two-stage regulator must be used on RV's. A two-stage regulator greatly reduces the possibility of freeze-ups. Also, since the second stage regulator receives a relatively uniform pressure from the first stage regulator, this helps the second stage regulator to maintain appliance pressure at a nearly constant 11" W.C.

Note: The regulator is the heart of the LP gas system. Care should be taken to protect it from the elements which could cause it to malfunction. Your LP gas system should be kept free of moisture which could cause regulator freeze-up. A good regulator enclosure or cover will protect your regulator.

Warning: Your LP gas system should be tested before use by a trained and certified LP gas technician, and have annual checks for leaks and correct regulator operation.

    Key Features: Propane Regulator Cover, Two-Stage 

    • Suitable for use two-stage propane regulators, like the MEGR-295
    • White plastic
    • Snap-on attachment to regulator, no screws required
    • Limited 90-day warranty.

    Specifications: Propane Regulator Cover, Two-Stage 

     Length (in.) 8
    Width (in.) 4
    Weight (lbs.) 0.2


    Propane Regulator Cover, Two-Stage

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