Zamp 4-Panel RV Solar Kit (680W)

  • $ 3,627.74

Looking for a 4-panel RV solar kit? The Zamp 4-Panel RV Solar Kit (680W) includes everything you need to cover the roof of your RV with solar panels, generating enough power to keep all your appliances running.

This kit includes a pre-assembled flexible UV-rated wiring harness, no crimping tools required. All Zamp panels are compatible with Zamp Solar Deluxe Panel kits and the included 3-port expandable roof cap, making any future upgrade very simple.

Keep your mind at ease with a visual check of the LCD display on the 60 Amp digital 5-stage charge controller. It gives real time system status for many metrics including volts, amps and amp hours can be read at a second location using the included RT1 remote display. Dual self-resetting circuit breakers will keep your system protected from an over-current event. They will automatically reset after a period of time.

The US-manufactured solar panels in this kit utilize top-of-the-line Grade A monocrystalline solar cells, providing high-efficiency output throughout the day. These panels also feature AR (Anti-Reflective) coated glass for maximum light absorption.

Note: This is a large item that must ship via truck freight, shipping is $149.

Key Features: Zamp 4-Panel RV Solar Kit (680W)

This Zamp 4-Panel RV Solar Kit includes:
  • 4 x 170-Watt Solar Panels 
  • 60-Amp, 5-stage PWM charge controller
  • Pre-assembled wiring harness
  • Two, 3-port roof caps (ready for future expansions!)
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Digital remote LCD display

 Specifications: Zamp 4-Panel RV Solar Kit (680W)

Solar Panels
Four 170W high-efficiency monocrystalline PV modules, tempered glass exterior, framed with anodized aluminum, 58.3” x 26.4“ x 1.5”, each panel 24.25 lbs 
Charge Controller
ZS-60A 60 amp, 5-stage pulse width modulation (PWM) charge controller. Compatible with battery temperature sensor (not included).
Remote Display ZS-RT-1 digital display provides details on your solar system's performance, including: battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity (amps per hour), battery types, full charge, and system. Color LEDs indicate operational status and battery conditions. Includes 23 feet of wiring.
Pre-assembled wiring harness, including 25' of wiring for charge controller
Mounting Hardware
Standoffs, RV rooftop Z-feet solar panel mounts
25-year warranty on solar panel power output


Video: Zamp 4-Panel RV Solar Kit (680W)

The following video describes how to install a Zamp RV solar kit.





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