Terrawagen Sprinter (2007+) Bug Barrier Window Vent

  • $ 205.00

Introducing the Terrawagen Sprinter (2007+) Bug Barrier Window Vent – Your Ultimate Solution for Ventilation and Insect Protection!

Anytime you need additional airflow in your Sprinter, pop these in for that cool cross flow breeze.

The all-weather Terrawagen design window vent aides you several ways. Fresh air to the cabin, needed shade, and it keeps out those pesky critters. There's a screen on every vent opening. No gaps, and it won't rust because it's made from durable ABS plastic.

You can drive with it in place! We all know the sun visors on the Sprinter give you minimal side shade on those mornings and late afternoon drives. Because the vents are open, there is slight wind noise, but not as much as there would be with the window open.

Camping in your van in all conditions is really where the Bug barrier shines. Simply roll down your window, twist and slip the vent in place, roll up the window and you're good to go. 

They are sold in pairs, you get one driver side and one passenger side.

*Fits any 906 Sprinter from 2007 to 2018, and the 907 Sprinter from 2019-2023+

*Also fits VW Crafter from 2011-2017 

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Specifications: Terrawagen Sprinter (2007+) Bug Barrier Window Vent

Dimensions 25'' x 12'' x 2.5''
Weight 5 lbs


Video: Terrawagen Sprinter (2007+) Bug Barrier Window Vent

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