Meet LaMonte Lamoureux, an Alaskan-native painter who draws inspiration while exploring his new home in the Southern California coastal landscape with the help of his Sandy Van Sprinter campervan. A 2020 Sprinter 144" build featuring a fixed bed, garage storage, cabinetry, and sleek exterior upgrades that keep travel efficient and light.

Recently, sharing his story through the lens of the Traveling Artist Series, Lamoureux connects art and van life in a new way for folks on the outside of the van industry.  

Created and inspired by Aaron Tromp and his close friend Danny Alvarezthe series was inspired by Danny's Sandy Van Sprinter build and his connection to the many ways creatives use their vans. The two sought to find more ways to connect creatives with their vans, sharing personal stories of artists turned van owners and how their passions mixed with the beauty of travel.

Combining Aaron's background in video and photography with his long-time passion for adventure sports in SOCAL, Aaron captured Lamoureux's story on location in Baja, California, seeking to embody the right mix of travel, art, and personal connection. Aaron explains:

The things that inspire me are other people's stories of adventure, success, and passion. These stories allow me to expand my mind to what is possible in life. It motivates me not to be afraid to take that next step in whatever life throws at us. 

The soft, isolated coastline and mountains in Baja, Mexico, sets Lamoureux's backdrop as Aaron captures his nomadic artistic process against the saturated hues of the sky, sea, and land. He pulls paint supplies, easel and canvas from his Sprinter van's rear back doors and sets up a private studio, settling his mind and attention on his next inspiration.

Lamoureux says the southern coastal landscape constantly inspires him, and the dramatic coastal mountain tones impact every painting. 

My coastal upbringing and love for beach living have heavily influenced my artwork. Growing up in Alaska, I was surrounded by the Northern coastal hues and tones, and now living near Southern California's Pacific Ocean provides me with endless inspiration for my paintings. The marine layer sky, sweeping compositions, and beautiful landscapes are often the focal points of my coastal work. My paintings capture the essence of beach living, with scenes of palm trees swaying in the breeze, waves crashing on the shore, and surf culture. 

Hopeful and inspiring, Lamoureux's art shares his love for SOCAL coastal living  and instantly builds understanding and appreciation for its unique natural beauty. His paintings evoke a sense of serenity and calm, transporting the viewer to a peaceful and idyllic coastal setting.

Being able to access remote locations and experience the surroundings (light, composition, colors, etc) helps inspire my artistic process.  Owning a campervan allows me to do just this with peace of mind.  Access to ample storage, organization solutions, and many other comfort features makes it easy to create paintings when inspiration strikes.  Once the painting is finished, I can transport it safely and finish the day with a hot shower, cook a meal, and rest.


Lamoureux says campervan travel is essential to his artwork and deeply appreciates "being able to access locations in person to gain firsthand insights and new perspectives."His campervan adventures fuel his creativity, allowing him to immerse himself in new and unique scenes. 

Travel is medicine in how it inspires and enlightens you. Connecting deeper to the sense of opportunity and expanding our belief that there is more to learn. Lamoureux gives an incredible example of how powerful the connection to nature is, helping us find deeper meaning and understanding in our creative ventures and aspirations. 

Though it isn't all about artwork, he says his favorite van trips are with his daughters. 

My favorite part about the campervan is spending time with my daughters and experiencing unique locations that support their creativity and inspire them. We know we can efficiently transport everything we need to camp, explore, create, and enjoy the outdoors. 

Lamoureux's Upcoming Shows 

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan 2024
  • ArtWalk San Diego 2024
  • LaJolla Art and Wine Festival 2024
  • Leucadia Art Walk 2024
See more from LaMonte Lamoureux below:

Check Out the Traveling Artist Series


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