We carry a wide selection of Aluminess gear, from bumpers to roof racks and tire carriers, and we love their quality and dedication to innovative products. 

Aluminess started out over 20 years ago with former owner, Dave Hoskins making Ford E-series bumpers and roof racks in his driveway. At the time, he was one of only a handful of companies designing and building aftermarket parts for the overland market.

From their early start, Aluminess has grown to be seen as one of the original manufacturers for van aftermarket gear. Since then a lot has changed, and they've continued to expand to meet the needs of a growing market, now offering products for Sprinters, Transits and ProMaster vans.  

"Last year Dave retired and Bestop acquired Aluminess to add to their Bestop Product Accessory Group (BPAG) which includes sister companies like PRP Seats and Baja Designs," explains Aluminess's Sales Manager Brandon King.

Aluminess Deluxe Box and Sprinter Carrier

Today, their growth continues with a fresh new website design focused on improving their user experience and providing up to date information. Currently, Aluminess is preparing to launch exciting new products with a few already previewed at recent Overland and Adventure Van Expos, including an upgraded Deluxe Box design, new Sprinter Side Steps, new Side Ladder design, new Modular Roof Racks designed for multiple vehicles, and new ProMaster storage racks, 

Aluminum and Steel Design

Aluminess products are built to be lightweight and strong with Aluminum pipe and plate, powder coated to be well protected. Occasionally, their designs include stainless steel for added strength in necessary areas. 

Brandon explains, "We don’t like rust and neither do our customers." 


Aluminess designs their products with aluminum for strength and utility. Lightweight aluminum allows you more performance out of your suspension and prevents wear and tear on your alignment, brakes, and tires. 

Their experienced manufacturing team is able to design, fabricate and weld bumpers, roof racks, and accessories for a variety of vehicles and various makes and models. Meaning they don't narrow themselves to a small selection of van models, but are dedicated to offering products that cover a variety of vans and van upfitter gear.

Check Out All Aluminess Products

We're huge fans of Aluminess's signature designs, strong build quality, and dedication to the van industry for all models. They offer a complete selection of products for E-Series, ProMasters, Transit and Sprinter vans. You can complete your full exterior build with Aluminess gear.

Aluminess Bumpers and Brush Guards

Aluminess Bike Carriers

Aluminess BackPACKS

Aluminess Side Ladder

Aluminess Rear Door Ladders and Carriers

Aluminess Rear Door Carriers

Aluminess Cargo Boxes and Accessories

Aluminess Side Steps

Aluminess Surf Poles and Surf Hooks

Aluminess Ladder/Tire Carrier

Straightforward Installs

Aluminess gear is smartly designed to install with factory holes or parts without drilling through your van metal. Their complete installation guides include step by step pictures and references to part numbers to keep your install moving along quickly.

For example, their Rear Door Ladder and Carrier combinations install onto the rear door hinges and bolt to the interior van door using factory holes. While Side Ladders install onto the van pinch weld and within the factory roof gutter or Aluminess roof rack. You can find helpful Aluminess install videos through their YouTube channel where they're working to build out a complete collection of installation tutorials. 



We've carried and supported Aluminess gear since our beginning, and we love their complete selection of van gear, quality build design with lightweight aluminum, and 20-year history in the van industry. 

Your van build will be more complete with exterior accessories like Carriers and Deluxe Box, and Molle Plates, adding necessary storage and better protection to your van.

We now offer Aluminess Rear Door Ladder and Carriers in stock at our Portland warehouse. Shop now!

Shop all Aluminess gear here.

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