Electrical Receptacle & Electrical Plug (CEE17)

  • $ 95.00

Looking to build a rig for travel to Europe? This high-quality Austrian-made Electrical Receptacle & Electrical Plug (CEE17) features a sturdy, latching-type connection. The connector is designed for the standard European CEE17/IEC 60309-pattern "blue plug", designed for 200-250V 50Hz single-phase power. 

Note: This plug and receptacle are not designed for NEMA-pattern North American 240V 60Hz 30A/50A RV park/campground power.

The receptacle side has a heavy-duty dust cover door.  The male plug is sold separately so that you can build as many cord inputs as you like.  When the plug is removed, the latching door closes to protect the connectors.


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