CRL Foam Window Gasket Seal Tape

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Installing van windows? Most van window models we sell either use a clamp ring or require urethane adhesive. Some, however, require Foam Window Gasket Seal Tape for the best fit. For example, older Sprinter windows and horizontal sliders (see list below in specifications) require this foam seal tape for the best seal. 

This Foam Window Gasket Seal Tape is a closed-cell silicone base, automotive-grade weather seal material. This Foam Seal Tape has excellent memory, and will keep drafts and water out of your van when used to install van windows.

This Foam Window Gasket Seal Tape:

  • Is for use with windows that fit many van models, including Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and Ram Promaster vans
  • Is silicone-based, and has a closed-cell structure
  • Has a memory adhesive on one side
  • Comes in a 1/2" wide, 1/4" thick, 50-foot long roll
  • Is manufactured in the USA by CR Laurence

When mounting windows in your van:

  • If you can, cut the openings with a center-blade shear, rather than a jigsaw - this will cut an opening that may be less ragged, produce less debris, and produce less hammering on the sheet metal of the van.
  • Make sure you paint the cut edges of the new window opening - if you skip this step, moisture can rust out the edges of the window mounting.

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Specifications: Foam Window Gasket Seal Tape

Thickness (in.): .25"
Width (in.): .50"
Length (feet): 50
Color: Black
Material: Silicone-Based Closed-Cell Foam
Required For: FW601, FW602, FW604, FW605, 
VW8369, VW8209, VW8246, VW8206,



CRL Foam Window Gasket Seal Tape

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