RV Solar Kit: Samlex 150W Solar Charging Kit

  • $ 625.99

Looking for an RV solar kit? A solar kit like this Samlex 150W Solar Charging Kit is a great way to get started with RV solar panels.

With this RV solar power package, you can generate the power for the comforts you need wherever you dry camp. This system includes a 150W solar panel, charge controller, and cabling and mounting hardware needed for your installation.

Note: A converter/charger is not included, but this system easily integrates with your vehicle's stock converter and 12V DC battery bank. You will also need cabling for your charge controller to battery bank connection, and a rooftop sealant like Dicor for sealing rooftop mounting holes.

Features: RV Solar Kit - Samlex 150W Solar Charging Kit

  • High-quality 150W solar panel
  • 30 amp solar charge controller to regulate power to battery bank
  • Output cable with MC4 connectors (10 AWG) and all panel mounting hardware


Specifications: RV Solar Kit - Samlex 150W Solar Charging Kit

Solar Panel Samlex 150W 36-cell high-efficiency (15.4%) polycrystalline PV module, tempered glass exterior, framed with anodized aluminum,  
26" x 58" x 1.4" in (Vmp 18.4V, Voc 22.7V, Imp 8.2A), UL1703-certified.
Charge Controller Samlex SCC-30AB 30A pulse width modulation (PWM) charge controller with integrated backlit LCD display, temperature-compensated 4-stage (bulk, absorption, float, equalize) charging, UL1741-listed.
Cabling 20' of AWG10 cabling for solar panels, with MC4 connectors
Batteries No batteries included - compatible with 12VDC flooded lead-acid, AGM and gel batteries, suggested battery bank size ~150AH
Mounting Hardware RV rooftop solar panel mounts, branch connectors

25-year warranty on solar panel power output

5-year warranty on charge controller

Approvals UL 1703/IEC61215, UL1741


Documents: RV Solar Kit - Samlex 150W Solar Charging Kit

Samlex Solar Charging Kit - Specification Sheet

Samlex Charge Controller - Specifications Sheet

Samlex Solar Charging Kit - Owner's Manual


Video: RV Solar Kit - Samlex 150W Solar Charging Kit

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