SoundSkins Foam Tape


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If you’re looking for an effective, affordable way to soundproof your vehicle, look no further than SoundSkins Foam Tape!

SoundSkins Foam Tape is flexible and can be contoured to fit any space, making it an effective decoupler. Decoupling is the process of separating two surfaces to reduce the amount of vibration and sound passing between them. SoundSkins Foam Tape can be used as a barrier between two materials such as plastic panels in your car, between your door and door panel, on door panel clips, between your glove compartment door and frame, and more! There is no limit to how this product can be used.

The high-quality foam in SoundSkins Foam Tape provides a completely airtight seal, perfect for absorbing road noise while keeping out wind noise, moisture, cold, and heat. This helps to keep the inside of your cabin quiet and comfortable, without being disturbed by elements from the outside. It will also help your car use power more efficiently, as less energy will be required to maintain a comfortable temperature in your car, and you will not need to turn your audio system up as loud to hear it.

SoundSkins Foam Tape offers excellent weather, temperature, and chemical resistance. It is waterproof, heat proof, and self-extinguishing, meaning it is flame retardant.

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Key Features: SoundSkins Foam Tape

  • Rattle Reduction
  • Air-Tight Seal
  • Optimum Durability
  • Efficient Power Usage

Specifications: SoundSkins Foam Tape

4x Rolls Included:

1 Roll: 2" x 393.7"

1 Roll: 1" x 393.7"

2 Rolls: 0.5" x 393.7"


10.8 sq ft

0.77 lbs


  • Rubber foam
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive backing
  • No 2nd Hand Used Fillers

Document: SoundSkins Foam Tape

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