Fabric + Foam = One and Done!

Get ready to toss your glue guns and embark on a journey filled with easier installs, minimal headaches, and maximum fun.

Campervan HQ has released a game-changer for the world of campervan conversions, and it goes by the name Marathon Plus. Marathon Plus is about to become the superstar of your campervan conversion project, one panel at a time.

From DIY to professional installers, people love the look and feel of fabric wall panels PLUS the warmth and comfort of insulating padding behind it.

However, if you’ve ever done the work yourself, you know the slow and painful process of gluing your fabric to the padding before you can even begin the install. You want to blink your eyes and have that nasty ordeal done, so you can get to the fun part.

Now you can – because we’ve done the nasty work for you! We expertly heat-welded Classic Marathon Tweed fabric to a 1/8" Closed-Cell Landau Foam, so now all you have to do is cut and install!

This combination not only ensures a smooth surface finish on every panel but also reduces adhesive requirements by 50%. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and frustrating gluing messes and imperfect results. Marathon Plus is here to make your campervan conversion project a breeze.

Marathon Plus combination of Marathon Tweed fabric and Landau Plus foam
Marathon Plus combines Marathon Tweed fabric with Landau Plus foam


Get ready for faster, easier van conversions!

Marathon Plus saves enormous time and effort – not to mention headaches – by cutting your wall panel covering process in half.

Marathon Plus eliminates:

  • Delamination – When your hard work literally comes undone as soon as you finish, or after a few weeks on the road your walls start peeling away.
  • Inconsistent adhesion – The walls don’t peel off, but they look splotchy and lumpy forever, and your eyes always go right to that ugly spot when you want to relax in your van.
  • Toxic glue – The chemical odor, stabbing headaches, and dead brain cells from working with toxic goo for hours on end.
  • Extra equipment – All the spray guns and cleaning and maintenance equipment necessary for complicated glue work.
  • Wasted material – Trashing yards of fabric and foam ruined with dimples, wrinkles, and glue bleed-through after you struggled for ages to get the padding and fabric together just right.
  • Wasted time – Hours of tedious work on a job everyone hates doing, now already finished when you open the box!

Get hours of life back and keep your remaining brain cells. Marathon Plus is like a superhero in your campervan conversion saga, here to save the day and make the entire process more manageable.

Marathon Plus Grey Heather fabric Marathon Plus Charcoal fabric Marathon Plus Grey Mix fabric Marathon Plus Oat fabric

A Winning Combo

Marathon Plus combines Landau Plus closed-cell foam padding with Marathon Tweed fabric to create the perfect combo, ready to install right out of the box.

Landau Plus closed-cell foam padding is a fine cross-linked polyethylene foam with exceptional sound vibration and thermal insulating qualities. You'll not only stay more comfortable in hot summers or cold winters; the closed-cell foam also adds a layer of soundproofing to your campervan, ensuring that your adventures are filled with serenity. With a density of 2 lbs per cubed foot, Landau foam strikes the perfect balance between weight and insulation. It's even flame-resistant, meeting the MVSS #302 flammability requirements. You can confidently trust it in temperature extremes, ranging from -76 °F to 194 °F. Your campervan and your comfort and safety are in good hands.

Add to that Marathon Tweed fabric for the stylish touch  available in one of four popular colors. Marathon Tweed offers more than just good looks. It's easy to spot-clean, making maintenance a breeze, and it adds a touch of modern professional finish to your van conversion. Thanks to the high ultraviolet yarn colors containing extra UV stabilizers, your conversion will retain its charm even in the harshest environments, like RVs and camper vans. Whether you’re building the ultimate adventure-mobile or a cozy home on wheels, Marathon Tweed has got the style that suits your vision.

Together this super-combo install in a fraction of the time! Note that Marathon Plus has less stretch than the foam and fabric individually. 

Do the Math

Finally! The solution our pro builders have been requesting for years: a quality product that saves hours of time, loads of headaches, and walletfulls of cash PLUS looks and performs amazingly.

Available for preorder in four most popular colors: 

  1. Grey Heather
  2. Charcoal
  3. Grey Mix
  4. Oat

Shipping starts in early December 2023. First-come, first-served.

Preorder your Marathon Plus today!



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