What are the must-have gifts for Campervan living?

We've compiled the ultimate holiday gift guide with something great for every type of adventurer. Discover thoughtful and thrilling gift ideas for your favorite people.

1. Campervan Exterior Upgrade Gift Ideas

Unleash your van's exterior potential with exterior van upgrades like Terrawagen Sprinter Trim Kits that protect and Owl Vans Hitch Step that offers recessed tread plates for superior traction. Find our full list of ultimate exterior gift ideas below:

  1. Awnings

  2. Baja Designs Lighting

  3. Bumpers

  4. Dragon Fly Tarps Van Awning Extension

  5. Exterior Accessories

  6. Exterior Lighting

  7. Ladders

  8. Owl Vans Hitch Step

  9. Owl Vans Sprinter Hood Struts

  10. Owl Vans Sprinter Horn Upgrade (Super Bass)

  11. Rear Door Ladders/Carriers

  12. Roof Racks

  13. Roof Rack Accessories

  14. Rooftop Boxes

  15. Snorkels

  16. Surf Poles/Hooks

  17. Terrawagen Trim Accessories

  18. Vinyl Wraps

  19. weBoost Cell-signal Boosters

  20. Wheels

  21. Wheel Accessories

     Ultimate Camping Gift Ideas

    2. Camping Essential Gift Ideas

    Having the right gear is essential when camping off-grid.

    We've got the best gifts for totally cozy camping adventures! Check out portable EcoFlow battery banks, easy to carry and quick-starting, stainless-steel MegaHex fire pit, compact DMOS shovels, and easy-to-use water purifying system by Guzzle H2O. Find more ultimate camping essentials below:

    1. Compact Shovels

    2. EcoFlow DELTA Pro

    3. EcoFlow DELTA

    4. EcoFlow RIVER

    5. EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable A/C and Heater

    6. Guzzle H2O Portable Water Filtration

    7. Portable Toilets

    8. Portable Smokless Fire Pit

    9. Portable Heaters

    10. Portable 12V Coolers

    3. Campervan Living Gift Ideas

    There are many practical accessories that can make campervan living easier and more enjoyable. A portable 12V cooler is a must-have for keeping food and drinks fresh during long journeys. A portable power bank or power kit can provide a reliable source of electricity anywhere you travel.

    1. Air Heaters

    2. EcoFlow Smart Generator Dual-Fuel

    3. EcoFlow Portable Power Banks

    4. EcoFlow Power Kits

    5. Fans

    6. Front-Load Fridges

    7. Portable Fridges

    8. Skylights

    9. Seat Swivels

    10. Seating Accessories

    11. VanEssential ProMaster Bug Screens

    12. VanEssential Sprinter Bug Screens

    13. Van Essential Transit Bug Screens

    14. Water Filtration

    15. Water Tanks

    16. 12-Volt ACs

    17. 24-Volt ACs

    18. 48-Volt ACs 

    4. Unique Camping Gift Ideas

    Consider gifting some fun and unique items that will bring joy to any camping enthusiast. A hammock is a great gift for relaxing in nature. A portable projector can turn any campervan into an instant outdoor cinema, and a portable Bluetooth speaker can be great for those bright, starry nights. 


    5. Campervan HQ Gift Card

    Running late or maybe not quite sure? We offer exclusive Campervan HQ shop giftcards from $50 to $1,000. 

    How it works:

    After purchase, you receive an email with the electronic gift card which you can gift by forwarding along with your personalized message. Then your gift card recipient can redeem the card for any purchase in the Campervan HQ store.



    With these gift ideas, you can't go wrong when it comes to finding the perfect holiday presents for the adventurer in your life. Whether it's practical essentials, exterior upgrades, camping gear, or fun and unique accessories, these gifts are sure to bring joy.

    Happy Holidays!

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