We're excited to reveal our 2024 HQ van build...

loaded with the best gear from top-name brands. 

Check out our Campervan HQ Demo Van build breakdown. Featuring state-of-the-art campervan gear and the latest technology and innovations to enhance the camper van experience. 

Teamed up with PRO builders Open Road Campers from NW Arkansas, we crafted our van with every imaginable feature and accessory. Our van boasts a sleek interior design and premium amenities, all tailored for ultimate comfort and convenience.

Dive into our Campervan HQ Demo Van build breakdown and discover the cutting-edge technology and innovations we chose to elevate the campervan lifestyle. Let our van conversion inspire your design and present product solutions you have yet to discover. 



Your van's exterior offers a lot of potential for multi-functional use and added gear storage capability.  

We've loaded our HQ 2024 demo van with the best exterior gear from all our top-name brand partners. Like the Owl Vans B2 Carrier loaded with Owl Vans Expedition Box, Sherpa Mini, and 1Up Bike Trays -- and that's just the rear passenger door. 

See our full exterior breakdown (from front to rear bumper) below:



Aluminess  Aluminess Sprinter Rear Door Ladder/Tire Carrier


Backwoods Adventure Mods

Backwoods Adventure Mods Sprinter (2019+) Front Bumper 
Backwoods Adventure Mods Backwoods Driftr Roof Rack for Sprinter 144"WB


Baja Designs 

Baja Designs  LP9 Driving Lights, Pair


Baja Designs LP9

Dragon Fly Tarps

Dragon Fly Tarps Awning Extension



Dometic Fan-tastic Fan 7350



Fiamma F45S 300 Awning, Black Case

Open Road Campers

Open Road Sprinter 144"WB Side Steps
Open Road Sprinter Headliner Shelf


Owl Vans

Owl Vans B2 Carrier
Owl Vans  Sherpa Mini
Owl Vans Expedition Box + 1Up Bike Trays
Owl Vans Sprinter Rear Bumper Hitch Step
Owl Vans Talon Sprinter wheels (black), 17" x 8", 6 x 130, 30mm offset



50" Light Bar

Pathfinder LED Light Pods


RecPro 9500 BTU 48V Air Conditioner, Black Shroud

Van Compass

VanCompass Stage 4.3 - Sprinter 4x4 (Light/Mid Shock Tune)
VanCompass On-board Air System Airline Kit (Sprinter 2019+)
VanCompass ARB Twin air compressor

Van Windows Direct

Van Windows Direct VWD Premium Awning Van Window Sprinter 2007+ Driver Side Forward
Van Windows Direct VWD Double Slider Van Window Passenger Side Forward
Van Windows Direct Rear Door Slider Windows


Our 2024 demo van interior layout is clean, compact, and functional. Outfit with high-tech gear and built for maximum efficiency and long-term off-grid living.

Featured products include the Columbia heated floor system, Aquahot 125D Hydronic heater + in-floor heating kit, and rooftop RecPro heat pump air conditioner. Plus, using the most durable Nassimi Minetta Linen wall upholstery and 2tec2 and Lonseal flooring -- we've designed a van capable of conquering the most extreme adventures.




Aqua-Hot 125DN2 + in-Floor Heating Kit


Artek (JRD) Columbia Flooring System for Sprinter 144"WB


EcoFlow EcoFlow Power Kit (10 kWh)


Flarespace Flarespace Flares for Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB, DS Ext Depth w/ FS Half-Slider, PS Reg Depth w/ FS Half-Slider
Flarespace Flarespace High-Tech Space Saver Trim Rings for Sprinter 144"WB


GoCode Overland

GoCode GoCode Sprinter Trim Kit With Speakers
GoCode GoCode Immersive Audio System


Indel B

Indel B

EL 130 Fridge


Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet



Lizardskin 300-SDC Sound Coating
Lizardskin Lizardskin 350-TIC Thermal Insulating Coating
Lizardskin Gun


Nassimi Minetta Linen
Nassimi Moxie Muslin

Northwest Conversions

Northwest Conversions 20-gallon water tank




VanEssential Window covers for Flarespace half-sliders
VanEssential Rear door window covers
VanEssential Windshield & front window covers
VanEssential Roof vent cover
VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Sliding Door Bug Screen
VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Rear Door Bug Screen


Campervan HQ

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