We're excited to announce a fresh look to the Campervan HQ you know and love. We're your Campervan Headquarters. No matter the build type or the project -- start here and finish your build faster.
Campervan HQ



There's only one HQ.

Founded with a passion for exploration and dedication to the great outdoors, Campervan HQ has been providing high-quality products and exceptional service since our inception. With 10+ years of DIY support experience under our belt, we have grown to become the leader in van conversion products and most trusted resource for adventure vehicles of all kinds.

Starting in 2016, our founder, Greg Keith, turned his campervanning and DIY van building experience into the Sprinter RV Conversion Sourcebook, offering tutorials and detailed Sprinter product info for DIY van builds even before the 'vanlife' trend.

In 2022 we merged with 100-year old industry leader, Perfect Fit to offer top-quality marine-grade upholstery fabric and flooring. Combining our strengths, we now offer pre-cut 3M thinsulate kits and Lonseal/2tec flooring kits designed for the perfect fit and easy install, custom CNC-cut by our experienced team. 

Behind HQ: Experienced Experts 

At our heart is our dedicated team. Made of experienced management, customer support, PRO sales, product testing, research and development, custom fabrication and sewing, and hands-on warehouse teams. All working together to complete your order and offer the best service in the industry. 

We're a small business doing huge work, and we are most successful because of our caring and passionate team.

Huge Thank You to our team working across the country for their hard work and dedication! 

Our Values: Quality, Partnerships, Community

At Campervan HQ, we offer top-notch products and product information to our customers!

We've cultivated close partnerships with industry brand leaders to ensure that we provide the best gear and product support for all your adventure needs. As a community resource center, our blog offers a hub of information, tips, and inspiration to help you conquer your van conversion with detailed product knowledge and first-hand experience on your side.

We work closely with upfitters across the country, allowing us an inside perspective and keeping us up to date with innovative products and build trends. Plus, our professional upfitter partnerships give us the opportunity to offer unique products from individual upfitter manufacturers. 

We're your headquarters for what's on the frontlines of product development. Simplifying your build time and streamlining your workload to a finish line. 

 Campervan HQ  


Our goal at Campervan HQ is clear: to enhance and broaden our offerings, creating the ultimate product resource center. We are dedicated to inspiring you to get outside, embrace adventure, and make lasting memories in the great outdoors.

Plus, our HQ is stocked for rapid shipping on a wide selection of products, saving our customers valuable build time and shipping cost in the process. 


From innovative solutions to cutting-edge technology, our goal is to make building your van quicker and more convenient.

As product and industry experts, we have introduced cutting-edge products, regularly expanding our range with top brands and gear choices, providing additional customization for campervans.


Marathon PLUS

48V Air Conditioner Cable for EcoFlow Power Kits

Thinsulate Kits

CNC-machine cut Flooring

Revel Mattress 


  1. Lizard Skin OEM
  2. Van Windows Direct
  3. VanEssential
  4. DMOS
  5. Dragon Fly Tarps
  6. weBoost
  7. AquaHot
  8. EcoFlow
  9. Baja Designs
  10. Serg Supply
  11. Scopema
  12. Northwest Conversions
  13. Cabbunks
  14. Terrawagen
  15. Expion 360
  16. OurKaravan 80/20 EcoFlow Cabinet
  17. Owl Vans
  18. SoundSkins
  19. Roam Rest

Popular Brands

Thank You to our Community!

We're proud to be your trusted source for Campervan, Overland, and RV products, and we strive to continue to improve, grow, and represent the industry in all its many forms. 

Let us help you get on the road faster, and turn your adventure dreams into reality. 

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