Aqua-Hot Gen1 Heater

  • $ 2,348.99

Still heating your camper van with separate air heaters and water heaters? The Aqua-Hot Gen1 Heater is a compact, fuel-efficient RV heater that heats both air and water. Save space and cost by incorporating this versatile, all-in-one RV heater into your camper van or RV.

With a 13500-20000 BTU output, this heater can easily heat a medium- or large campervan. And it's not just going to be warm right next to the heater: with 4 ducts, you can direct the heat to where it is needed—the galley, the sleeping area and the seating areas.

The efficient design of the Gen1 means it outperforms conventional RV water heaters that typically just have a bottom burner - with the Gen1, the water tank wraps around the heater, getting water to piping hot in 20 minutes or less.

Wondering which fuel you'll need? The Aqua-Hot Gen1 RV heater comes in versions which can be powered by diesel, gasoline or propane, use the drop-down to pick the version that suits your needs.

The Aqua-Hot Gen1 heater comes with every component you need for a camper van/RV heater installation, including the Gen1 heater, control panel, flexible ducting, and exhaust and intake tubing. 

Key Features: Aqua-Hot Gen1 Heater

The Aqua-Hot Gen1 Heater has the following key features:

  • All-in-One Heater - The Aqua-Hot Gen1 can replace the typical camper van setup of a diesel- or gas-powered air heater and a separate RV water heater with one compact, efficient unit, saving space and money.
  • Heat Where You Need It, How You Need It - Heat can be ducted to 4 locations where heat is needed, no more hot spots/cold spots. Four heating fan speeds enable you to choose how the heat is delivered.
  • Hot Water - The Aqua-Hot Gen1 heater can heat 2.64 gallons (10 liters) of water up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit in about 20 minutes, and can refill from the RV water tank as needed.
  • No-Anode Design - Unlike typical RV water heaters, there is no anode in this Aqua-Hot heater to maintain or replace, so no maintenance headaches.
  • Multiple Fuel Options - The Gen1 heater comes in multiple versions which can be powered by diesel, gasoline or propane, making it compatible with any camper van, motorhome or RV.
  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel - The LCD control panel shows up to 3 independently controlled zones, plus test and diagnostic read out.
  • RV-C Ready - The Gen1 is compatible with the RV-C protocol, and can communicate with any control/display system using this protocol.
  • Two-year limited warranty.
  • Proudly US-made in Colorado.

About Aqua-Hot Heaters

Aqua-Hot has been a trusted and respected name in the RV industry for over 30 years and is the market leader in hydronic heating systems for motorhomes. There are camper heaters from Aqua-Hot for any size motorhome with models for Class A, Class B, Class C, travel trailers, and 5th Wheels. No matter the type of RV you have or the kind of RV lifestyle you lead, Aqua-Hot RV heaters can elevate the comfort and value of your recreational vehicle at any price point. Furthermore, with the industry’s largest network of authorized service centers (over 300 in North America), Aqua-Hot systems make the road a more comfortable and safer place for RVers. Aqua-Hot heaters are manufactured in Frederick, Colorado.

Specifications: Aqua-Hot Gen1 Heater


Dimensions (in.): 20.1"L x 17.7"W x 11.8"H
Voltage: 12VDC (110VAC optional)
Max Power Draw: typically 2-4A, max 8-10A@12VDC,
(optionally 15.6A@110VAC)
Weight: 34.4 lbs
Hot Water Capacity: 2.64 gallons
Airflow Rate: 169 cfm
Fuel Type Propane Gasoline Diesel
Heating Output 20,000 BTU/h 13,500 BTU/h 13,500 BTU/h
Fuel Consumption .35 to 1.05 lbs/h .19 gal/h .16 gal/h


Documents: Aqua-Hot Gen1 Heater


Included Components: Aqua-Hot Gen1 Heater

Product Contains
Aqua-Hot Gen1 Heater, Control Panel 1
Flexible Ducting 4
Thermistor 1
Air Inlet Pipe 1
Muffler 1
Fuel Standpipe (D&G versions) 1
Wiring Harness
Fuel Pump (D&G versions) 1
Exhaust Pipe 1

Video: Aqua-Hot Gen1 Heater

This video describes Aqua-Hot as a company. The touchscreen in this video is not included with the Gen1 Heater.  


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