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1. 48V Air Conditioner Cable and EcoFlow Power Kit Bundle

Get the great cooling output & low power draw of a 48-volt air conditioner with your Power Kit, while still having the choice of 12-volt or 24-volt DC output for your DC circuits.


  1. EcoFlow 5 kWh Independence Power Kit 
    1. Power Console
    2. Power Hub
      1. Battery Cable
      2. AC (Shore Power) Cable
      3. PV  (Solar Charge) Cable
      4. ALT (Alternator Charge) Cable
      5. AC-in and DC-in Cables
    3. 5 kWh Battery
    4. Smart AC/DC Distribution Panel
  2. EcoFlow 48V Air Conditioner Cable (20')

2. Baja Designs Lights

Welcome Baja Designs Lights! Compatible with Aluminess and Backwoods Adventure Mods roof racks and bumpers. 

  1. LP4 Pro
  2. LP6 Pro
  3. LP9 Racer
  4. LP9 Sport
  5. Squadron Sport Fog lights
  6. Accessories


3. Aluminess ProMaster BackPACK Plate, Box or Bike Carrier

We've been asking about and fielding your questions about a ProMaster Bike Carrier for years, and now we're so excited to announce the new Aluminess Passenger-side Box and Bike Carrier.

With this carrier you can add a Molle Plate to the front of your Deluxe Box and 1Up Bike Racks on top or set up one or two BackPACK mounting plates and combine mountable accessories for layers of storage. Get the rear storage setup that fits your lifestyle, or even customize it as your needs change.

Nomadic X3

4. 48V/24V/12V Nomadic X3 

The Nomadic X3 offers a high cooling power at 15,120 BTUs max and is a great option for 12V, 24V, and 48V systems.

Get the X3 and pair with our 48V Cable and EcoFlow Bundle for high cooling power plus low power draw.

See our 48V Cable article for details.

Voltage: 12 / 24 / 48V
Current Max Mode: 110 / 55 / 27A
Current Eco Mode: 50 / 30 / 14A
Speed Range: 1000 to 3000 RPM
Weight : 57.3 lbs
Size (in): 31.5"L x 31.3"W x 7.36"H
Opening Size (in):  14" x 14"
Rated Cooling Capacity (BTU):

9.29 / 13.250 / 15.120 (Max)

5. 48V/24V/12V Nomadic X2 

Check out the Nomadic X2 for a sleek rooftop air conditioner for your RV or van conversion.The new Nomadic X2 has a smaller frame and lower profile, providing a high powered air conditioner without a high clearance issue. 

Check out the details below to compare directly with the X3 above. The Nomadic X2 is a great option with our 48V Cable and EcoFlow Bundle for high cooling power with low power draw.

Voltage: 12 / 24 / 48V
Current Eco Mode 22 / 11 / 5A
Current Max Mode 45 / 22 / 11A
Rated Cooling Capacity 8,188 / 10,280 / 12,150 BTU
Opening Dimensions 14" x 14"
Outside Dimensions 22.59 x 28.18 x 6.93 in
Weight 44lbs
Power Cable  4 AWG

6. EcoFlow Bundles

Bundles = easier shopping and better savings. Custom EcoFlow Bundles created in partnership with EcoFlow so you know you're getting a complete setup. 

  1. EcoFlow Generator Bundles
  2. EcoFlow AC Bundles
  3. EcoFlow Power Kit Bundles
  4. EcoFlow Solar Bundles
  5. All Bundles


7. Rigwell Nomad Bed System and EcoFlow Power Kit Bundle

Bundle and save on the Sprinter 144" RigWell Murphy Bed and EcoFlow Bundle. The Rigwell kit includes a custom Rigwell designed EcoFlow mounting bracket, two lower cabinets and a Murphy bed that pulls out into a bed and stores away for a multi-functioning space. The passenger side lower cabinet perfectly houses the included 5 kWh Power Kit and the driver side can fit up to 20 gal water tank, so you don't have to work overtime thinking about your Sprinter van's design or fitment.

Get a bed, functioning counter space, storage cabinets, and a power system all in one with the Rigwell Nomad Bed System and EcoFlow Power Kit Bundle.

8. Serg Supply Wheel Well Cabinet and EcoFlow Power Kit Bundle

Universal-fit Serg Supply Cabinet is designed to install over the wheel well of Sprinter 144"/170"/170EXT, Promaster 159"/159EXT, Transit 148"/148EL and securely hold an EcoFlow 5 kWh Power Kit with room to expand. Made of beautiful maple wood and easily finished however you desire. 

Available for driver or passenger-side installation.

9. AMA ProMaster Rear Cargo Door Half-Sliders

New AM Auto Rear Cargo Door Sliders for ProMaster vans are here! More ventilation and adjustable screen inserts let you open the window fully for max air or slide in the screen to keep bugs out.

We also offer Rear Cargo Sliders for Sprinter vans, Transit vans, and ProMaster vans from VWD windows here.

10. Indel B EL 130 Refrigerator

The same great quality you know, now with even better pricing. The Indel B EL 130 RV Refrigerator offers a huge 4.6 cubic feet of storage and weighs less than 57lbs. 

The EL 130 from Indel B is compatible with 12V (@ 5A) and 24V (@ 2.5A) systems, so you can have the convenience of refrigerated food and still maintain your power efficiency. 

Capacity 4.6 cubic feet (130 liters)
Dimensions 29.72 x 20.66 x 21.92 in
Weight 56.21 lbs + 5.5 lbs pack
Voltage DC 12/24V
Power Draw 12V (5A maximum),
24V (2.5A maximum)



We're excited to share our newest brands and product lines with our community because we know innovations and better gear makes for a better outdoor experience.

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