Each year the campervan industry improves with new tech and better innovations. We're proud to be apart of that growth and innovation, simplifying self-built vans and professional van builds alike by offering high-quality brand name products and the most comprehensive product selection.

Find ultimate van upgrades to fit your lifestyle here. From awnings, improved power kits, exterior bumpers, brush guards, carriers, lighting, and other awesome accessories, we've got your latest campervan gear update featuring 15 must-have van upgrades.

Upgrade Your Van Gear and Enjoy Vanning Even More!

Campervan Awnings

1. Awnings

Campervan Bug Screens

2. Bug Screens

Campervan Bumpers

3. Bumpers + Brush Guards

Campervan Rear Door Carriers

4. Carriers

Weboost Cell Signal Boosters

5. Cell Signal Boosters

Campervan Exterior Lighting

6. Exterior Lighting 

Campervan power stations

7. Power Kits

Portable Fire Pits

8. Portable Fire Pits

Campervan RV Refrigerators

9. Refrigerators 

Campervan Roof racks

10. Roof Racks 

MaxxAir Fans

11. Rooftop Fans 

RV toilets

12. RV Toilets

Campervan Vented windows

13. Vented Windows

RV Water Filtration

14. Water Filtration

Campervan Window Covers

15. Window Covers


Enjoy your van more than ever with awesome upgrades! 

These upgrades will make your van living easier and van maintenance more manageable. The same way you update your home, keeping your van fresh and up to date with the latest and greatest gear will make you feel more comfortable on the road. 

We're excited for the continuous growth and developments in the van market, and we'll continue to be your headquarters for what's new and what's tested. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our Campervan HQ socials to stay current on the best gear for upgrading your campervan. 

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