For most people building out their own campervan, the most nerve-racking part is building the electrical system. Today, there are many options available for van electrical systems from companies like Go Power, Goal Zero, Renogy, and Victron Energy. Most upfitters build their electrical systems using the distinctive Victron Energy "blue boxes" for off-grid power. While we are great supporters of Victron because of the quality and reliability of their products, designing a system using their components requires a lot of research, practical skill, and necessary, specialized tools to design and install a Victron electrical system in your RV or campervan.

New EcoFlow Power Kits turn traditional van electrical systems into simplified plug and play installs.  

We're excited to introduce EcoFlow Power Kits, expandable 2 kWh to 15 kWh battery banks, portable DELTA Pro Power Station, and EcoFlow appliances like the EcoFlow Glacier cooler and the EcoFlow Wave 2 portable air conditioner and heater. If you're looking to upgrade your power system and really simplify your van build -- look no further.

EcoFlow Power Kits and EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power station offer a full range of battery bank capacity, so no matter your power needs you can have a system that works for you and fits in your van build budget too. Plus check out EcoFlow's innovative portable appliances: the EcoFlow Glacier 12V Cooler with included ice maker and Portable Wave 2 AC and Heater. 

EcoFlow's complete selection of smart devices will get you through the most difficult parts of your van build without the stressful research and planning of traditional off-grid electric power systems. 


Why We Love EcoFlow Power Kits

  1. The biggest thing: it's a plug-and-play system, which includes all the cabling between the components.
  2. High-capacity design allows for expandable units ranging from 2 kWh to 15 kWh.
  3. Fast charging time with combined charging capabilities can fully recharge units in as little as 2 hours.
  4. EcoFlow app allows you to monitor your complete system anywhere.


EcoFlow Power Kits 

EcoFlow Power Kits are 48-volt plug-and-play systems, with all cabling already provided between the major system components. Unlike a Victron system, a Power Kit consists of basically just four components:

  • Power Hub - a vented box containing a 3600-watt pure sine inverter (with 7200-watt surge capability), two MPPT solar charge controllers, and a DC/DC converter. The Power Hub is where all the cabling between the components is connected - a connection bar running along the bottom front of the box contains all the input ports for alternator, solar, battery, generator and shore power input/output. Two side connections provide ports for the main AC out and DC out cables.
  • Power Kit Console - a 6” full-color touchscreen, enabling you to monitor and control the electrical system inputs and output, including controls for turning the AC & DC main outputs on and off, and individual circuit controls
  • AC/DC Distribution Panel - a three-layer distribution box, comprised of a deep box containing connections for the positive, negative, and neutral connectors for the main AC input and six 20A AC circuits. It also contains the main DC input and connections for twelve 20A DC circuits. All the connection for both the AC and DC circuits are WAGO-style lever-action slots, and EcoFlow provides ferrules for the wire ends, enabling you to make very solid connections for all circuits. A removeable interior slotted faceplate conceals these connections, while still exposing the AC circuit breakers and the slots for the ATC-style DC circuit fuses. The topmost component of the distribution panel is a semi-transparent exterior faceplate which provides a safety barrier for the circuit connections.
  • Batteries - The heart of the system is the batteries. The 48-volt lithium iron phosphate batteries are available in either 2 kWh or 5 kWh sizes, and have a novel terminal arrangement with a large proprietary connector inset into the top middle of the battery. You can use 1-3 of either battery type in your system, but you cannot mix and match 2 kWh and 5 kWh batteries in the same system.The batteries are stackable, and come with restraining straps and mounting brackets. They also come with internal heating, so the operating temperature range of the EcoFlow batteries is very broad, and the heaters draw at most 80 watts when operating. Internally, each battery is very solidly built with prismatic battery cells in a 16s1p (2 kWh) or 16s2p (5 kWh) configuration.

EcoFlow provides pre-made cables with their own sturdy two-post or four-post end connectors, and these plug easily into the ports on the Power Hub from each of the four main components. Most of these cables (AC charge, AC out, DC out) are 15 feet long, with a couple longer (the solar and alternator cables are 20 feet long) and some shorter (the battery cables are either 5 or 8 feet long). The cables have a braided outer covering that serves the same purpose as automotive “Smurf tube” or conduit, protecting the wire’s insulation and the main conductor in each cable. 

Three variants of the EcoFlow Power Kits include:

1. Get Set Kit includes - 1x Power Hub, 2x  LFP Battery, 1x Cable Pack

2. Prepared Kit includes - 1x Power Hub, 2x LFP Battery, 1x Cable Pack, 1x AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel, 2x Battery Mounting Strap

3. Independence Kit includes - 1x Power Hub, 2x  LFP Battery, 1x Cable Pack, 1x AC / DC Smart Distribution Panel, 1x Power Kit Console, 2x Battery Mounting Strap

Shop 2kWh, 4kWh, 5kWh, and 10kWh setups.

EcoFlow power kits are a great solution to modern van building -- cutting out all the additional research and labor intensive install to make your system easily connectable and expandable.

EcoFlow Power Kits

Stackable enclosed batteries and included hardware keep your system safe on the road and allow you to make changes as needed. Plus the advanced wiring design prevents common install issues from happening and prevents reverse polarity with EcoFlow's plug-and-play simple assembly design.


  • EcoFlow Power Kits can accept up to 6000W of charging input from a combination of 4 charging methods:
    • solar (up to 4800W)
    • alternator (up to 4800W)
    • shore power (up to 3000W)
    • generator (either any typical generator or 1800W Smart Generator input).
  • Plug-and-play for simple assembly
  • Compact, integrated design: the all-in-one Power Hub includes a 3600W pure sine inverter (with 7200W surge capacity, dual MPPT solar charge controllers, and DC/DC converter
  • Saves space with stackable batteries
  • 48V system, a safer, smaller power solution
  • Rigid Solar Panels (2 x 400W) are the perfect solution to recharging your EcoFlow Power Kit batteries 
  • Real-time and Smart Control with EcoFlow app
  • Power Kit warranty: 5 years, can upgrade to 10 years.

EcoFlow Delta Pro

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station is a 3.6 kWh expandable power station that lets you easily connect directly into to power nearly anything. No need to set up additional wiring or run electrical with the DELTA Pro you can easily plug in and use your power station right away.

Perfect for campers with minimal power needs and off season plans. The portable DELTA Power Station doesn't require intense maintenance through hot or cold seasons -- easily transport your portable power station wherever you go and make "winterizing" your electrical a no-brainer. 


  • The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is  a first: a portable power station that can serve as a mobile power system in your RV on weekends, and is robust enough for emergency home backup, or to power your tiny home or off-grid cabin
  • 3.6 kWh battery capacity (the equivalent of a 300 Ah 12V battery bank), expandable to 10.8 kWh through connecting two DELTA Pro Extra Battery units
  • the 3600W continuous AC output (7200W surge output) enables you to power 99% of any appliances
  • Plug & play home backup solution
  • With MultiCharge capability (including an extra battery), can support up to 6500W of charging, 2.7 hours AC charging
  • Industry first: recharge your Delta Pro at thousands of EV charging stations worldwide
  • Long-lasting LFP battery
  • EcoFlow 100W Rigid Solar Panel (2 x 100W), EcoFlow 100W Flexible Solar Panel or Rigid Solar Panel (2 x 400W) is a reliable and sustainable source of energy that can keep your devices powered up and ready to go.
  • Smart Control with EcoFlow app.

Want more power? DELTA Pro's expandable design connects with EcoFlow DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery add-on to double total capacity to 7.2 kWh. Connect two of them to DELTA Pro for an impressive 10.8 kWh to use off-grid.

EcoFlow Glacier 12V Cooler

EcoFlow Glacier Portable 12V Cooler

The Glacier 12V Cooler is ready for any adventure with adjustable freezer and fridge settings that let you easily set temperatures for separate functions, or remove the center divider for use as a cutting board and convert the entire cooler to one use as either a dedicated fridge or freezer. The Glacier also features an awesome on-board ice maker. Simply pour in water and have an ice-filled drink in as little as 12 minutes. 

Be sure to check out the Glacier Extra Battery Bank for extended use without recharging. The compact 298 Wh battery is good for 24 hours of continuous use. This plug-in battery is placed in the Glacier to create a self-sufficient working time.

EcoFlow Glacier


  • World's first portable fridge-freezer with an integrated ice-maker
  • Up to 24 hours of runtime powered by plug-in 298 Wh plug-in battery
  • Efficient ice maker only takes 12 minutes to make 18 bullet-shaped ice cubes
  • Dual convertible storage compartment with independent temperature control for simultaneous cooling and/or freezing 
  • Fastest-speed cooling with energy-saving mode
  • Rugged & insulated design with green materials
  • Detachable “suitcase design” makes it easy to move
  • Smart Control with EcoFlow app.


EcoFlow Portable Wave 2 AC and Heater

New EcoFlow Wave 2 is the best solution for limited use AC needs and even doubles as a space heater. The portable design allows you to place where needed without having a set, permanent design and tuck out of sight when not in use -- freeing up vital space and weight on your van's roof. 

The EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner weighs in at only 31.96 lbs and makes less than 50 dB of noise. For smaller spaces, the tubing airflow option makes it even quieter! 

EcoFlow Wave 2


  • The most powerful portable AC with cooling and heating.
  • The most compact AC.
  • Easy installation -- sets up in minutes.
  • No drainage needed in cooling mode.
  • Portable design perfect for camping, travel, and van life
  • Stays powered for the whole night 
  • Multi-recharging approaches: interchangeable battery, AC/solar/car/power station.
  • 5100 BTU (1500W)
  • Smart Control with EcoFlow app.




The future of van building is simplified installs and improved tech. We're excited to introduce new EcoFlow technology that does just that!

Depending on your needs, each EcoFlow product offers improved design for your van adventures. Simplify your van build workload and let EcoFlow do the hard part.

Shop through the blue links above, or click here to see all products. 

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