Grab yourself a cup of coffee and read the amazing success story about long-standing upfitter giant: Field Van

Their story begins in 1989 when the Feld family opened a factory in Fresno, CA manufacturing classic campervan designs. For many years, they developed and built these designs in partnership with and under the Sportsmobile name. Then in July 2021 they decided to take their decades of experience in a new direction as Field Van, a clever mash-up of the Feld family name and the great outdoors.

Today Field Van is one of the largest and most long-standing upfitters in the nation with design, manufacture, installation and testing operations in two locations – the original Fresno facility and another in Reno, NV. Together, their 80+ employees have a cumulative 550 years of van-build experience, and after thousands of conversions – from R&D to hands-on conversions to performance testing – Field Van has “pioneered many of the overland aspects of van life today.”


Feld Family, Field Van

Field Van, Campervan HQ


One of their claims to fame is the classic van pop-top which maximizes low roof vans for travel with an ideal convertible space. At their Fresno factory, a dedicated team has pop-tops down to a science after literally thousands of installations. Their top-only team can measure and prep your roof – get it all ready to start cutting – by the time you complete check-in! 

“We start by building up your top with our hand-sewn canvas and custom fiberglass shell,” they explain. “Special thread and seam sealer is used on all joint areas. We then prepare our in-house designed electric lift and factory-tested roof rails for support.”

Next, the pop-top installation department uses a fixed crane to hoist the pop-top mechanism into place, where they fit and completely seal the top and canvas and run a full water test to ensure a reliable seal. Finally, they install the trims and bed before running another water test. These experts can finish installing your pop-top in an amazing 2-3 days depending on van model and options.

For full campervan conversions they offer four pre-designed classic campervan layouts to choose from and one that's completely custom to you: Canyon, Summit, Meadow, Tide and Range. You can explore their pre-designed layouts, and work with their team to customize a layout to fit your needs. 

Field Van, Summit

At Field Van the entire build production – including pop-tops, cabinets, seating, and more – are designed and built in-house, making for an efficient and sustainable production line without over manufacturing or extra waste. They say, “Sustainability in our manufacturing processes as well as maintaining a strict tread lightly/pack in pack out policy when out camping is crucial for ensuring these beautiful locations will remain so for generations to come.”


For the Love of the Outdoors

Field Van doesn’t just build vans, they live the van life. “We really do love camping in our vans!” they say. “We are inspired by the outdoors, and our style reflects that.” 

They believe camping and experiencing the outdoors offers a great opportunity to connect with nature and loved ones. Traveling in a campervan means getting outdoors in comfort and style, making road trips and camping adventures beautiful and manageable. 

“Field Van blends premium options and finishes with the rugged quality required for serious outdoor use. Our attention to detail and dedicated craftspeople ensure a beautiful campervan with robust construction and reliability when on or off the road.” 

Field Van, Campervan Van Build,


Visit Field Van Today

Field Van offers full production and service in Fresno, CA with lighter upfits and service available in their Reno, NV facility. Besides the top-only team, Field Van has three other dedicated teams: the production, 4x4, and engineering teams. With such efficiency and expertise, Field Van can handle anything from full, complete builds, to custom builds, partial builds, pop-top installations – you name it, they can do it. 

Plus, as an NADA listed conversion company you’ll have no issue insuring your campervan. With their 5-year unlimited mile warranty and in-house financing, Field Van sets a high standard for modern day campervan upfitters. 

Field Van is open for factory and van tours Monday through Friday. They invite you to come to see their team’s attention to detail and thoughtfully designed van builds available to tour in person.

 Click FieldVan.com for more information!

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