Meet Just Roaming Design, a solutions-based company focused on off-grid energy and product development for the mobile space. First-hand experience and knowledge has motivated and inspired them from their founding roots to their newest and most innovative design and product solutions. 

Just Roaming Design

Just Roaming Design’s founder, Sam Reiser, lived off-grid periodically between 2015 and 2020, traveling the Americas in a range of different vehicles. These adventures instilled the need for high-performing, sleek, and sustainable designs that simplify yet empower life on the road. 

In 2020, Sam joined the Victron Energy Ambassador team as part of an initiative to provide expert support to the Victron Sales team as the North American market grew, and Sam is now one of eight Victron Energy Ambassadors in the U.S

As a custom design build studio, Just Roaming produces high-quality full builds in a range of styles.

In Just Roaming Design’s own products, such as the JRD Victron Power System and the Columbia and Rainier Flooring Systems, they aim to find a balance between technical precision and modernizing natural elements. In design, this is expressed through clean lines, open space, and contrasting natural woods with contemporary and innovative materials.

Just Roaming Design

Just Roaming Design

They believe that enhancing mobility and easing travel encourages their clients to get outside more often and for longer periods of time. Powerful and reliable off-grid energy systems and efficient heating solutions allow clients the ability to venture deeper into the wilderness because they are not limited by grid-tied technology.

Just Roaming Design is located in Milwaukie, OR right on the border of SE Portland, and they are always taking new inquiries for everything from electrical installations to full builds. 

Their team is most passionate about designing and installing systems that push the boundaries of what has been done in the mobile space. They will happily install their standard (or custom) JRD Victron Power System in your campervan or either the Columbia and Rainier Flooring Systems.

Just Roaming Design

Visit Just Roaming Design for more information about their services or click the products linked in this article to shop Just Roaming Design products mentioned here.

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