Innovative van upfitters, ModVans, got its start in 2015 when PJ Tezza completed the first prototype van originally for personal use. When the van kept catching attention as an easier, modern alternative to classic RVs, PJ launched ModVans to create modern, modular campervans for all. Now just four years after delivering their first production vehicle, ModVans is an award-winning, highly innovative van upfitter and industry leader in technology. 

The ModVans team designs inspired campervans that make camping easier and more accessible to everyone. Their vans make weekend trips effortless, and they continuously improve their modern designs to make your van as ready to go as you are. Each full-featured ModVans adventure van includes a kitchen, power system, toilet, modular seating for up to seven, multiple table options, and two comfortable beds. The convertible functionality of each design easily allows you to use your van as an everyday passenger vehicle, remote work space, RV, or even a cargo van making your van as multipurpose as your van life with easy setup for family dinners, deep sleep, work hours, and play time. 

ModVans, Campervan HQ Upfitter SeriesModVans, Campervan HQ Upfitter, Van Build Series

Modular Adventuring 

Designed for modern adventuring, ModVans connect more people with the joys of the great outdoors by simplifying travel with agile and modular designs that adapt to many needs. Because ModVans believes that living an adventurous life allows us to free our minds and recharge from busy everyday life, they’ve designed multifunctional living spaces to enhance their customers’ ability to connect and engage with family and friends in open, outdoor spaces while enjoying the modern comfort of a beautiful and functional RV space. 

ModVans offers six different modular camper van models in three different sizes. Their cutting edge /X Series models include an extreme-capacity LiFePO4 battery system. At either 1100Ah (13kwh) or 2100Ah (26kwh), these are the largest RV battery systems available in any RV today. The /X Series systems also feature high-efficiency DC-powered heating and cooling that runs 20-50% more efficiently than standard systems. 

ModVans, Campervan HQ, Van Build, Van Conversions

ModVans /X Series models also feature an RV control system designed from the ground up with custom circuit boards, firmware, and servers that connect to cloud-based and in-house developed iPhone and Android apps to monitor and control batteries, charging, heating, cooling, water system, entertainment system, and more from anywhere in the world! The ModVans app installs on any iOS or Android device, and all circuit boards can be upgraded via the app.

The ModVans team likes to focus on adding max functionality to modern campervans, and now they're making moves to increase the efficiency of van life too. They are “committed to helping save the planet by speeding the transition to sustainable materials and energy." ModVans CEO PJ Tezza explains their philosophy further:

Typical camper van alternatives, Class C RVs, larger Class B RVs, and towing a trailer behind a large ICE-powered SUV or truck are all much worse for the environment. They typically require a separate dedicated camping vehicle, consume much more fuel, and emit a lot more greenhouse gasses. We understand and agree that steady progress is not enough. Our upcoming E-CV1 model will be all electric. We intend to be ready for production as soon as the underlying chassis are, and based on the progress of EV chassis manufacturers, we are confident this will happen in the very near future. Our EV models will help save the planet by accelerating the transition to sustainable energy.

 Campervan HQCampervan HQ, Van conversion

Modern Van Movement 

As if their highly modular designs and commitment to green energy weren't enough, ModVans is actively pursuing an even greater vision for the planet, the van life community, and their company. They are working to build a factory capable of producing 100 vehicles per month to get even more highly functional, low impact ModVans out the roads spreading joy faster. Now anyone can become a part of this movement not only as a customer but as an ModVans investor. They’re proud to share that "over 3,700 family, friends, and fans…have invested in ModVans to help us increase production and make big progress on exciting R&D projects.” See ModVans' funding campaign from 2022 here.

Van Build Series, Campervan HQ

Join the Movement 

ModVans is dedicated to building safe, quality, and affordable RVs with access to RV financing and extended warranties. They are committed to giving each customer the best experience possible and can deliver and service vehicles all across the US. 

Check out the ModVans website for detailed pricing, delivery dates, and online ordering. For most models, you can purchase a stock chassis today for an estimated delivery date of March 2023. Contact them today at Modvans.com to get on their build schedule or find out more about investing in this exciting company!

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