Back in 2019 before transitioning into Grit Overland, Dan Dayley, Mark Dayley, and Jake Dayley (that's right, they're related) were dedicated to the upfitter industry under the name Paradigm Outdoors, and since rebranding in mid-2022, Grit Overland has continued growing exponentially.

They started with van conversion gear like window covers -- the original set still hangs in their manufacturing facility, and since have continued growing, recognizing, and focusing on common issues they came across in all van builds to perfect van designs for their customer's big adventures.

 Grit Overland

Overland-ready Van Builds

It didn't take long to hone in on a common trend with ill-equipped electrical systems failing to handle the growing market of conversion gear, and quickly shift to focus design on more efficient electrical systems. Through collaborating and training with professional electrical engineers and working closely with them throughout the process, Grit Overland developed and improved their electrical system for high output and rapid recharging better suited for off-grid campervan adventurers.

Grit Overland's own “Go Farther, Stay Longer electrical system really packs in the power for their customers, but they couldn't stop there. When they began installing their electrical systems in customer vans they noticed an obvious lack in quality build construction and need for further improvements in the RV industry. Dan, Mark, and Jake took their ingenuity and know-how and turned their focus to building out complete van builds, and worked to develop a better adventure campervan, ultimately offering better adventures, and longer lasting campervan quality.

Grit Overland is rooted in highly durable, quality build standards focusing on safety, longevity, and in combination with their “Go Smart Auto Charge System™” electrical system Grit Overland has truly created something unique in the van industry.


  Grit Overland

Grit Overland 

W/out Compromise

“Our style is ‘w/out Compromise’,” says Daven, Grit’s Sales & Marketing Director. “Which is beyond just innovating a better build quality -- or what we like to say as ‘building durability’ in today’s outdoor, off-road, off-grid adventure campervans. We just won’t cut corners to save a buck -- or compromise on our quality build process or components we use.”

Grit Overland is dedicated to completing new van builds in easy timelines, and their build time is only limited to the allocation of van chassises available from manufacturers. However, they're proud to restrict their yearly van builds so they're able to control quality more effectively compared to higher volume "RV conversion builds", and are also able to provide shorter build times for customers once they’ve come on board.

They say, "Our current customers who ordered their build back in Jan/Feb ‘23 are going to be receiving their vans in May/June ‘23! It’s pretty awesome when you really think about it."  

Grit Overland

Grit Overland Van Lineup Includes:

  • GOA/T and GoTerra, both Ford Transits, are designed on the 148 high-roof chassis with all the bells and whistles for comfort and safety.
  • GoBaja is on the Mercedes Sprinter and designed on the 144 high-roof chassis with all the bells and whistles for comfort and safety.
    • Grit Overland also offers their GOA/T and GoTerra vans in a “+” model, which extends our version of our current offering 29” further from the existing rear wheels for those who want a bit more liveable space and storage with an additional 29” of galley space. This is a new package created and developed due to their overwhelming customer request.
  • New ProMaster "GoStrada" builds coming this year. Look for more details coming soon! 

Grit Overland offers the same build layout for both Sprinter and Transit chassis with high quality tig-welded aluminum framed cabinetry with marine-grade composite materials, from both yacht and military industry build techniques. Completely utilizing van space and considering overall vehicle safety and weight for drive comfort and performance for a better off-road/off-grid experience, and keeping you out there farther for longer. Check the link here to take the full virtual tour w/ one of Grit’s co-founders Mark Dayley for more info.

Grit Overland takes serious pride in changing and improving the commonly seen and accepted industry standard. As some vans just won't hold up to the adventures vanlifers put them through. Daven explains, "It is super important to us and to our customers that the industry do better in build quality -- it is what the customer and industry deserves and we are here to give it to both."

Grit Overland

Grit Overland is not your custom-custom builder, yet they're more than just a standard build layout without any choices. They've created a design/layout that puts them somewhere in the middle, allowing their customers to add or customize options to better suit their specific adventure needs like seating/sleeping capacity, to name one of many examples.

Grit's focus on quality build design and customization allows them to keep cost down while still offering their customers more options and more opportunity to choose what they need or want for all the outdoor adventures they’ve been dreaming about. 

In addition to complete builds, Grit Overland also offers aftermarket upfit options with products for direct sales and/or installation by their “Upfit by Grit” shop. Some unique products are designed and developed in-house like; Molle plates, a soft stashable shelf system, as well as their latest product, the “GO pop-top penthouse™” (currently for their Transit models) that compliment their existing builds. They also can install flares, racks, lights, wheels, tires, suspension and lifts, and more.

“We wanted to compliment our builds with even more options for the diverse needs of our unique customers and their specific adventures they have in mind. Giving them what they need for all those different campervan dreams, and the adventurous outdoor activities and journeys they are going out to experience off-road and/or off-grid.”

Grit Overland

Grit Outdoors

"We love the outdoors! This is true for each of the co-founders, as well as all employees...it is why we do what we do," says Daven. "Getting outdoors and being outdoors is why we exist."

Grit Overland's team have their hearts rooted in this belief. They say their inspiration comes from the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and growing up with a deep appreciation for all of its wonders, diversity, and possibility for adventuring.

The PNW also inspires and defines their van design and product testing. "We can only appreciate what we have around us for its beauty, weather, and terrain. And as long as we continue to be aware of what it is we have and how lucky we are to have it, will we continue to be good stewards of it."

With the Pacific Northwest at Grit Overland's fingertips they say they aim to respect public lands in all efforts, and continue to pursue great designs that reflect thoughtfulness to the environment and sustainability. 

"We will do our best being conscious in reducing our carbon footprint in manufacturing -- building and sourcing locally and within the USA with regional companies/products, and continue looking for ways to be greener as we grow. We love the outdoors and this is what we want our customers to experience for themselves in one of our Grit Overland models off-road and off-grid. "

Grit Overland


Grit Overland is dedicated to the campervan industry, and continues to look for better ways to improve their campervan designs and customer experience in the outdoors. 

"We have to say our direct connection to our customers and the adventures we are creating opportunity for is an amazing feeling and experience. While we love making things better —it is truly the people we meet and the product we’ve created for our customers that gives us the most pleasure," says Daven. 

Grit Overland is a certified Class B RV manufacturer and dealer, and can provide customers with RV financing options to simplify the buying and insuring process -- making it easier for customers to attain their dream w/out compromise on quality.


Grit Overland

"We are very excited to see what the next year has in store for our crew and company, and what the next 5 years will be like." says Daven. "Grit Overland has grown exponentially since rebranding from Paradigm Outdoors in mid-2022, and are moving from our 2-location operation in Vancouver, Washington into a brand new single-building manufacturing facility in Washougal, Washington. This facility is twice the size of the two Vancouver shops combine, which will help us to keep up with the amazing demand we are receiving." 

Stay up to date with what's next for Grit Overland and check out their full line of van models at GritOverland.com, or be sure to stop by their booth this season and say hello at the Adventure Van Expos next time they come through your neck of the woods.

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