Sileather Leather Series

  • $ 70.00 / linear yard

The Sileather Leather Series is one of Sileather’s solid colour faux leather product lines. The surface material is made of 100% silicone. This is a skin-friendly and safe material that is commonly used for children products such as baby bottle nipples, and kitchen products such as spatulas. The backing cloth is made of a bidirectional knitted polyester cloth, with 37 colours as options.

The Sileather Leather Series has many inherent advantages: superior weatherproof, waterproof, UV resistance, flame resistance, stain resistance, ultra-low VOCs, odourless, and soft hand touch. It can be widely used in applications such as indoor and outdoor upholstery, marine, children, healthcare, transportation, and office, etc.

Key Features: Sileather Leather Series

  • Surface - 100% Silicone
  • Backing - Polyester
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Recyclable

Specifications: Sileather Leather Series

Composition 100% Silicone
Roll Width 54"
Weight 28 oz. per yd.
Thickness 0.39''
Roll Size 30 linear yd.


  • Stain Resistance

Excellent Coffee    CFFA-141, Excellent
Suntan Lotion    CFFA-141, Excellent
Mascara    CFFA-141, Excellent
Denim    CFFA-141, Excellent
Ink    CFFA-141, Excellent
Ketchup / Mustard/ Oil    CFFA-141, Excellent  

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning code- W/S Bleach cleanable - 10%
Use mild soap and water, or detergent for common stains

  • Inherent Flame Resistance

CA TB117-2013 FMVSS #302
IMO 2010 FTP Code (Part 8)
NFPA 260 Class I UFAC Class I
BS5852 #0, 1, 5 (crib)
EN 1021Part I and II ASTM E84 (adhered)

Video: Sileather Leather Series

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