Specialty Recreation RV Shower Surround (24" x 40" x 66", White)

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Planning or upgrading an RV bathroom? You'll need a number of components including an RV shower surround, like this from Specialty Recreation. You may want some or all of the following items:

  • a toilet (especially a cassette toilet like the Thetford C402 or C403, which come with their own integrated tanks and cabinet)
  • an RV shower pan
  • an RV shower surround
  • an RV shower spray head
  • an RV bathroom sink

This 24" wide x 40" long x 66" tall molded white ABS RV shower surround pairs well with a Thetford C402/C403 cassette toilet. This durable surround is molded from tough, high-impact ABS thermoplastic with a textured surface patterned to look like tile.

Specifications: Specialty Recreation RV Shower Surround (White)

Length (in.): 40"
Width (in.): 24"
Height: 66"
Weight (lbs.): 49 lbs.
Color: Polar white
Materials: ABS plastic


Note: Because this is a large bulky item, it must ship by truck freight. There is a $150 LTL shipping charge.


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