Tensorgrip P809 RV Flooring Adhesive

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Ready to install your Lonseal flooring? Tensorgrip P809 RV Flooring Adhesive is easy to use and install in vans, RVs, boats, trailers and more. This 5.8-gallon canister has all the advantages of an aerosol spray can in an industrial-size canister.

Tensorgrip® P809 is a revolutionary high-performance, plasticizer resistant adhesive, specially formulated for bonding vinyl, rubber and plastics. Tensorgrip P809 RV Flooring Adhesive is a cross-linking contact adhesive which is fully California-compliant. Like epoxy, this contact adhesive chemically reacts to create a permanent bond.

Key Features: Tensorgrip P809 RV Flooring Adhesive

  • Bonds vinyl permanently
  • Over 300°F (150°C) temperature resistant
  • Excellent plasticizer resistance
  • Strong, permanent bonds
  • High output for fast application
  • Resists weathering, water, fuel, oil and many other plasticizers
  • Bonds to damp surfaces (moisture cure)
  • Semi-repositionable

Application Information:

  • TensorGrip® P809 is designed as a portable, self- contained spray system for field or shop applications.
  • Apply adhesive to both surfaces to be mated, at 80% to 100% coverage.
  • Allow 3-5 minutes or until just slightly sticky, but not longer than 20 minutes before mating substrates.
  • Parts should be mated with as much pressure as practical. Ensure 80-100% coverage with spray pattern.
  • Within one to two hours, bond is strong enough to allow cutting or trimming, although ultimate strength is achieved in 1-3 days.
  • Canister system will spray adequately above 60oF. Canister system should be kept in warm area. In the event that the canister gets abnormally chilled, freezes or gives poor or sputtering spray, it should be warmed up before continued usage. Warming canister by immersion in warm water is recommended.
  • NOTE: Always store above 60°F/15°C. Do not store at temperatures over 120F. Do not store directly on concrete floor.

Hoses: M150-6 (6’), M150-12 (12’), M150-18 (18’)
Spray Guns: M120 Adj. Spray Gun, M125 18” Wand Adj. Spray Gun
Spray Tips: 11002B 4” - 18” Medium Build Adj Spray Pattern
Spray Tip Cleaner: S800-AA

OPEN TIME: Waiting time required before placing the flooring material into the adhesive.

WORKING TIME: Amount of time for the adhesive to accept the flooring material after being applied to the substrate.

Specifications: Tensorgrip P809 RV Flooring Adhesive

  • Size: 22-Liter Canister
  • Style: Contact Adhesive

Documents: Tensorgrip P809 RV Flooring Adhesive

Tensorgrip P809 RV Flooring Adhesive Technical Data Sheet

Video: Tensorgrip P809 RV Flooring Adhesive



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