Thetford C223CS RV Cassette Toilet

  • $ 670.00

Looking for a versatile, easy-to-dump RV toilet solution? Cassette toilets are made for convenient dumping into any residential-style toilet, so you don't need to find a dump station, just any regular toilet. The Thetford C223CS RV Cassette Toilet is a compact cassette toilet ideal for your RV, incorporating a permanent base, a seat which swivels 180 degrees, and a waste cassette. 

Why is this cassette toilet so easy to use?

  • Easy dumping - You can quickly remove the waste cassette from your RV, flip out the folding handle and wheel it over to a toilet where you can use the spout to quickly empty it.
  • Easy cleaning - The working mechanism in the holding tank is removable, so the inside of the tank is easy to clean and maintain. An advanced level indicator display shows the levels in the waste holding tank.

To install this toilet, you build the enclosure, plumb it into the main water tank, and create an access hatch in the side of the van for access to the cassette. 

The Thetford C223CS RV toilet comes with:

  • the toilet seat and base, including waste tank 
  • the waste cassette, equipped with wheels and fold-out handle and spout

Note: Thetford service door sold separately.

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    Key Features: Thetford C223CS Cassette Toilet

    • Electric push-button flush
    • Space saving bowl can rotate 180 degrees on its base
    • 4.75 gal. waste tank capacity
    • Waste tank level indicator
    • Integrated no-splash pour spout
    • Waste tank with handle and wheels to ease dumping

    The C223CS enables you to connect directly to the RV water tank for its water supply, the C224CW toilet model has its own integrated 2.4-gallon water tank.

    Specifications: Thetford C223CS RV Cassette Toilet 

    Length (in.) 22.9
    Width (in.) 15.5
    Height (in.) 21
    Weight (lbs.) 17.8 
    Waste Tank (gal) 4.75
    Flush Electric
    Material Plastic
    Color White


    Documents: Thetford C223CS RV Cassette Toilet

    Thetford C200CS Cassette Toilet Owner's Manual

    Thetford C200CS Cassette Toilet Installation Manual

    Thetford C200CS Cassette Toilet Parts List


    Video: Thetford C223CS RV Cassette Toilet





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