VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Front Door Bug Screens


  • $ 69.95

VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Front Door Bug Screens were designed so you can roll down those front windows and enjoy the mountain breeze without worrying about pests ruining your night. They attach easily to the outside of your windows creating a sealed barrier to the outdoors. VanEssential transparent micromesh material offers you optimal visibility so you can enjoy a pest free environment without obstructing your view.

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Key Features: VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Front Door Bug Screens

  • Fits Mercedes Sprinter 2007 to current van models
  • Maximum Pest Protection - Screens are meticulously sized to fit perfectly & seal your van off from the outside creating a complete barrier to even the smallest of pests.
  • Superior Visibility - Fine weaved transparent mesh provides you with optimal visibility of the outdoors while keeping your van bug-free. When looking out, you’ll forget the screen is even there.
  • Convenient to Install - Follow simple steps and VanEssential screens will be up in no time. Once they’re up, they stay put. Complete with no hassle entry & exit through zippered or magnetic doors.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What's Included:  

[1] Pair of Front Door Bug Screens

[1] Storage Bag

[1] Instruction Card

For Sprinter, the leading edge of the screen is difficult to get a strong magnet to bite through (as it is not metal) correctly so make sure to tension correctly top to bottom for best fit. The webbing is a little stiff when new but will soften up. The sweet spot to line up to is right down the middle of the two rubber parts.

Video: VanEssential Mercedes Sprinter Front Door Bug Screens

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