Get ready to crack the windows, open your van doors, and let the warmth of sunshine and fresh air flood in because spring is approaching fast! Van build season is here, and we know it's a serious time for our community of DIYers and Professional builders to get ready for a full summer of adventure. 

Our spring van guide will get you ready for your next road trip with the best spring van essentials, helpful product insight, tips, and new products you'll love.

Van Build Must Haves for Spring

The best van designs are built with each season in mind. Summer and winter have obvious needs, but in fall and spring the mix of weather patterns make it a challenge to know what to expect or what you'll need. Read our best spring van gear guide and get better prepared for unexpected weather -- plus practical reasons why we love them: 

Camper van Awnings and Awning Extensions

1. Awnings and Awning Extensions

Rain or shine, awnings give you added space to hang out. Roll out your manual F45S or F80S awning or upgrade to an electric, legless Fiamma 45 Eagle or 65 Eagle awning that includes a wind sensor to automatically retract the awning if a heavy wind is detected. 

Dragon Fly Awning Extension Tarps give your F45S Fiamma awning an adjustable bonus shade to really maximize your privacy and block out sun and rain. Dragon Fly Haku Tarps are great for completed van conversions, vans with pop-tops or other roof racks that aren't compatible with Fiamma F45S adapters. Haku tarps have multiple tie downs to let you adjust your awning as the sun moves, so you'll have convenient coverage when you need it. 

 Awning Van Windows

2. Awning Van Windows

Everyone needs vented van windows to keep air flowing through, and awning van windows are the best for keeping out rain while still letting in a comfortable breeze. 

Awning style Arctic Tern windows install higher or lower within the factory window cutout with an inner frame ring to offer a customized campervan look and improved interior design. Double insulating, dual acrylic panes are perfect for hot or cold weather, and the built-in blind and screen assembly makes it easy to adjust your window as desired. 

Awning style bunk van windows are universal fit for ProMaster, Sprinter, and Transit van models, and install within any appropriately sized factory window cutout. Install one on both driver side and passenger side to create a cross-draft and increase airflow in your bed area.  


 Campervan Bug Screens

3. Bug Screens

No one wants bugs spending the night. Get bug screens to keep your van sliding door and cargo doors open anywhere you travel and take in the full view. Campervan bug screens are designed to permanently install within the door seal, require no professional tools to install, and are easy to use. 

Van Essential bug screens are available for ProMaster, Sprinter, and Transit van rear cargo doors, front cab windows, and passenger side sliding doors. Tourig Bunker Series bug screens are available for Sprinter rear cargo doors and passenger sliding door.


4. Carriers

Rain and mud make putting away your gear a dirty job. Exterior carriers help out, storing your gear quicker and easier. Waterproof and dust-proof exterior storage boxes keep your gear safe in rough weather and on rocky trails, or store your gear smarter with accessory bike trays and molle plates. Check out trusted carrier brands we offer below to shop for ProMaster, Sprinter, Ford Transit and E-series vans. 


5. DMOS Shovels

DMOS shovels check all the boxes for unexpected spring forecasts.  Whether its rain, sleet, or snow, you never know when a sudden shift in weather will make road conditions difficult. Be more prepared with compact, delta, and stealth DMOS shovels that neatly collapse to stow or mount onto a molle plate. 

 Camper Van Flooring

6. Flooring

The right campervan flooring makes camping and travel easier. Lonseal flooring comes in a variety of options to suit everyone's style and needs. From Lonseal Loncoin which provides enhanced traction and scuff resistance -- for snow or rain prone areas -- to Lonseal Lonwood Topseal which has the upgraded look of wood flooring with improved design to take on the rugged, longterm wear of van life, choose the Lonseal flooring that's a perfect fit for you. 

Unless you're looking for an improved van life carpet. In that case, see 2Tec2 flooring in your Campervan HQ product page guide. (The link -- click the link) 

2Tec2 flooring combines the durability and cleanability of a hard surface with the comforting look and feel of carpet. High-tech woven vinyl fibers create a flooring durable enough to weather at least 10 years of normal use. Stain and mold resistant 2Tec2 flooring can be cleaned completely using warm water or other natural cleaning substances, which means 2tec2 can definitely handle your muddiest adventures. See 2tec2 maintenance information here.

  Campervan Roof Vents and Skylights

7. Roof Vents and Skylights

Keep your van feeling cool with RV roof vents and skylights. Campervan skylights are great for letting in more light and air without consuming valuable power supply. While popular MaxxAir fans -- with rain guard hood -- keep cycling in fresh air no matter the weather, so you don't have to worry about surprise storms. 

See all RV roof vent and skylight options below:

 Camper Van Window Covers

9. Window Covers

Get more privacy in public places with Sprinter, ProMaster, and Transit van window covers. As spring camping season brings out more campers, privacy shouldn't be something you struggle for. Blackout your windows quickly with insulated window covers from popular brands:



There's nothing that compares to experience when deciding what products work best for your lifestyle. In spring especially, being prepared for all-weather helps make camping feel easier and more possible -- no matter the forecast. 

Get the right gear to complete your van build for every season, so you can go explore more!

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