Aluminess Ford Transit Side Ladder


  • $ 875.00

If you have a roof rack on your camper van, then access to the roof is a must. Our Ford Transit Side Ladder provides quick and easy access to your roof rack without the need to drill through the rear door of your vehicle. Made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum alloy, this side ladder will never let you down.

This ladder requires mounting to an Aluminess Ford Transit roof rack at the top, and to the van body pinch weld at the bottom. It is only designed to work with Aluminess Ford Transit roof racks.

Using no-seize lubricant for attachment screws helps with the initial install, and down the road.

Want a rear door ladder instead? Check out the Ford Transit Rear Door Ladder, it can be mounted with or without a roof rack.

Key Features: Ford Transit Side Ladder

  • Our driver side ladder sits about 5 inches away from the body of the van, which gives you ample space to climb.
  • Tight enough to the body of your Transit van to easily avoid any obstacles.
  • Mounts to the side of your van so the rear door is not blocked.
  • Designed to work with an Aluminess Ford Transit roof rack, will not mount to other roof racks
  • Powder-coated black
  • Tubular aluminum, light and strong
  • Designed for the 2015+ Ford Transit van, for all roof heights (use the drop-down to select the correct roof height)

Note: These ladders are custom-fabricated, so typical lead times are about 4 weeks. We'll let you know if they are in stock or the current lead time when you order.

FREE SHIPPING for lower 48 US states.

Documents: Ford Transit Side Ladder

Ford Transit Side Ladder Installation Instructions

Video: Ford Transit Side Ladder

Check out this video of Mike Jucker mounting the Aluminess Ford Transit roof rack and side ladder on his Transit XLT van. Mike points out the details of how the top of the ladder clamps to the lower bar on the roof rack, and how the bottom of the ladder mounts with a plate behind the ladder, connected by screws.





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