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Every dream van is different. Many people wouldn’t even start a van conversion without campervan body flares for the added sleeping space. Some folks might forego an RV bathroom but can't pass up a rooftop deck. And while some people must have a heater, some can’t live without air conditioning, and others skip powered HVAC altogether.

However, one necessity for every campervan dream is a set of bunk windows in the van rear section. Despite all the differences, nearly everyone building a campervan installs a set of bunk windows.

Why are bunk windows so important? In most campervans, people sleep in the rear. Even if you don’t install flares to expand your usable space, you still need a cross-breeze in the bunk section of your van to breathe easy at night. See our blog post All about Bunk Windows to learn more.

After years with few bunk window options, we’re excited to see some new models hitting the market, improving quality and availability in the economy price range.

Our new favorite is the Flarespace van window series.

Designed to fit any van, the two 10” x 33” Flarespace van windows unite quality production with economy cost. The FS1033L and FS1033R half-slider windows fit the driver side and passenger side respectively, whereas the FS1033 Awning window fits either side, so you can order two awning windows and install one on each side of your camper van bunk space.

These versatile windows clamp right onto the sheet metal of your van and come with pre-applied weather stripping, which means no tape or adhesive needed to install. Plus no interior-built framing is needed, so no need to have your van build completely planned out before you go ahead and install your Flarespace windows. Super simple!

FS1033 Half-Slider Windows

Flarespace camper van window FS1033 half-slider

Flarespace FS1033 van window – half-slider window with sliding glass panel and detachable bug screen

With a familiar design, the FS1033 slider looks and functions like many other economy bunk windows available today: the half-slider opening allows air flow through half of the window which opens at the back of the van, making this model side-specific. However, Flarespace has committed to quality materials and manufacturing to ensure a longer-lasting window than some economy models.

FS1033 Awning Window

Campervan HQ camper van conversion RV Flarespace camper van windows bunk window awning window

Flarespace FS1033 Awning van window with large awning opening and detachable bug screen


The FS1033 Awning window has the exact same footprint as the FS1033 half-slider but instead of sliding, it opens out to multiple angles with a max of 10 degrees. This gives the awning window some advantages over the half-slider:

  • Great for rainy days to keep your windows open while staying dry
  • Entire window opens instead of half the window, instantly doubling your air flow
  • You can partially open awning windows without anyone outside seeing in

Quality Design, Materials and Manufacturing

Made with black powder-coated aluminum framing, both styles come with 28% factory tint and a two-year manufacturer warranty. Tempered glass panes ensure maximum safety and strength, since tempered glass is hardened and strengthened through a heat or chemical process. Also, in case of an accident, tempered glass shatters in granular chunks instead of harsh edges, protecting you and your loved ones. These windows are also tested to ANSI Z26.1 and FMVSS 205 safety standards.

Each window comes with a detachable bug screen. You can also add magnetic window shades that fit these windows perfectly, providing both privacy and insulation against outside cold and heat.

Best of all, these windows are in stock and ship quickly!

Flarespace camper van window FS1033 half-slider Campervan HQ camper van conversion  Flarespace campervan body flares

FS1033R half-slider window installed in a Flarespace campervan body flare


Plus an Exciting Bonus

To drastically improve space usage in your van, get these windows with a set of campervan body flares for your specific van make and model. Flares bump out the rear “bunk” section of your van, so you can sleep across the van, rather than your bed using up precious space down the length of your van. Flarespace designed these bunk windows to fit perfectly in their flares, together increasing both cabin space and air flow for the ideal sleeping situation.


Great for scenic views from your bed or table and for catching refreshing cross-breezes, these affordable windows are a must-have for every RV or campervan conversion. Order your FS1033 half-slider windows or your FS1033 awning windows today!

You’ll feel great enjoying your Flarespace windows not just because they are well-made and tested, but they're priced right too!


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