Are you planning walls, insulation, and flooring for your van? Your van build deserves the best products available, designed to look great and to last for the long haul. Use this guide to find excellent wall and flooring options now available from Campervan HQ.

Fabric & Foam

You can significantly reduce weight in your van with fabric and foam upholstered walls, while styling your interior like a professionally built van! Much lighter than vinyl, tile, or wooden wall treatments, fabric over foam saves precious load capacity for other essentials like water tanks, beds, cabinets, roof racks, and more.

Marathon Tweed

Marathon installation photo (MAR-1026 Toast) in a finished Van Conversion

Walls with Toast Marathon Tweed over PAD-5 Closed Cell Foam. Photo courtesy of Cody Trapp from Untrapped Solutions

Marathon Tweed (also known as Duramax) is a woven tweed material frequently used for upholstering van wall panels. Van builders and DIYers alike love Marathon Tweed for the modern weave-pattern look and the water-resistant fibers.

Made with UV-stabilized 100% polyolefin fibers, the materials are well suited for RVs and campervans and resist fading over prolonged exposure to UV rays. Marathon Tweed materials are chemically inert, hydrophobic, static resistant, and easy to spot-clean. As many van lifers already know, Marathon Tweed stands up to your adventures, rain or shine.

Read full specs on Marathon Tweed fabric and order now on our product page

Closed-Cell Foam

The Landau Plus Closed-Cell Foam Padding pairs with Marathon Tweed for an elegant and complete wall finish package. This fine closed-cell cross-linked polyolefin foam resists moisture, reduces sound vibration, and adds another layer of insulation. Most importantly, the foam layer provides an excellent flat surface to avoid bubbling or wrinkling of wall upholstery for easier installation and a professional finish. 

Landau Plus comes in 4 thicknesses from ⅛” to ½”. See more specs and add to your cart by the linear yard here

Fabric & Foam Installation

Check out our handy installation guide as well as these recommended adhesives:

Wall Panels

A complete wall installation contains wall panels between the closed-cell foam and insulation layers. Many van builders use ⅛” birch plywood or lauan sourced from your local building supply store. 

For more information on patterning and upholstering your van wall panels, we recommend this blog post from OurKaravan, who uses the exact Marathon and Closed-Cell foam materials listed above.


3M™ Thinsulate

3M Thinsulate Insulation with black scrim.

3M™ Thinsulate acoustic insulation provides superior sound reduction inside your van. Made from polyester and polypropylene fibers, this lightweight high-loft insulation resists mold, mildew, and moisture. Install this insulation directly against the van metal on door panels, interior walls, pillars, instrument panels, and the roof to gain superior noise reduction and thermal protection. 

3M™ Thinsulate comes with a standard black scrim that holds the fibers together and allows for a flat interior-facing surface during installation, so it is easy to install wall panels directly over the insulation. 

See more specs on our product pages.  



Lonseal Lonridge flooring installed in a finished van conversion

Lonridge Smokey Black flooring and Toast Marathon Tweed over PAD-5 Closed Cell Foam walls. Photo courtesy of Cody Trapp from Untrapped Solutions.

No doubt you’ve heard of Lonseal, the leading vinyl flooring that professionals and DIY van builders both love. Easy to install, Lonseal products can be cut with a box cutter or razor blade to exact measurements, and you can adhere Lonseal with epoxy or tape adhesives to the subfloor for a clean fit that resists bubbling and warping over time.

Styles and Colors

Plus, the wide range of styles and colors make each van build truly unique. Lonseal’s multiple flooring styles include:

A Greener Choice

Some people think wood is the more natural choice, but you can’t beat Lonseal for air quality, emissions, or health standards. You’ll feel good knowing no trees were killed for your van! Check out Lonseal’s exclusive green certifications:

  • FloorScore Certified floorings have indoor air quality (IAQ) standard developed by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) with the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI). This 3rd party certification is based on California Specification 01350 and is recognized by LEED v4, WELL, BREEAM, and CHPS.
  • Greenair® Certified floorings are formulated to guarantee low VOC emissions in its commitment to maintain healthy indoor air quality.
  • GreenMedic® Certified floorings are formulated to inhibit the growth of bacteria that may affect the flooring. (Please note that this formulation does not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other disease)

Lonmarine Flooring Trims

If you have specialized floor hatches or just want keep your flooring edges adhered near doors and high-traffic areas, then check out Lonmarine Trims. They match Lonmarine flooring colors perfectly and come in T or L style for your application. Lonmarine trims prevent shoes from catching on cut edges near hatches or doorways, so your flooring looks great and lasts longer. 

2Tec2 Flooring

2Tec2 Flooring installed in an in-progress van conversion

2Tec2 Moonless Night Blue flooring. Photo courtesy of Rydawell Woodworks, featuring RRE Global Smartfloor Hardware.

Whether you're a weekend traveler or living full-time in your van, you can count on the astounding durability and sleek styling of 2Tec2 High-Tech Flooring for your outdoor adventure vehicle. 

2Tec2 High-Tech Flooring combines the durability and cleanability of hard-surface flooring with the acoustical benefits of soft floorings and carpets. The texture and elegance of the woven vinyl upper layer implies high-dollar carpeting, but the durable materials and workmanship of 2Tec2 flooring provide worry-free cleanability of hard surfaces like vinyl, laminate, or wood. Plus, 2Tec2 flooring dampens sound with an acoustic felt backing that reduces road and ambient noise inside your van.

2Tec2’s wide range of styles and colors ensure you'll find the perfect flooring for your unique van build. Check out these fun and exciting styles and colors:

Flooring Installation

Lonseal Flooring Installation

Check out our handy installation guide as well as these approved adhesives:

2Tec2 Flooring Installation

Check out our handy installation guide (Link to Installation PDF) as well as these approved adhesives:

  • Tensorgrip P300 High Temp General Contact Adhesive - Aerosol
  • Tensorgrip P308 Adhesive - Canister
  • DAP Weldwood Contact Adhesive - Spray Grade


These high-quality fabric, foam, insulation, flooring & products will take your van conversion to the next level! Everyone will think you paid thousands and hired a professional builder! 

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