Driving on dark roads late at night becomes a familiar site for anyone traveling often in their van, and one that makes for frequent animal crossings and road hazards to pop up unexpectedly. Keep your van protected with the Flarespace Tenzing Trailhead Brushguard.

Named in honor of the famously rugged mountaineer “Sherpa” Tenzing Norgay, one of the first 2 people to reach the top of Mount Everest, the Tenzing Trailhead Brushguard will confidently guide your path wherever you roam. Built for 2008 and newer Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 vans, the Tenzing brushguard can be installed on a 2X4 Sprinter with the addition of a mounting bracket. 


Better Design

The sleek design of the Tenzing Trailhead Brushguard allows for quick and easy install. With this fast 6-bolt install you won't need to cut the chassis or remove the fascia on your 2008-2023 4x4 or AWD Mercedes Sprinter.

Tough 3/16" steel plate finished with a rugged matte black powder coat protects vital parts of your Sprinter's front including the radiator and DEF tank. The Tenzing brushguard works with front sensors, and the "factory" Mercedes look keeps your van stealthy when needing to park overnight in urban areas.

Protect Your Front Bumper

Vital components live in the front end of your Sprinter. The radiator and DEF tank for example help to keep your engine functioning normally, keeping it cool and preventing harmful chemicals from being released. 

Damage to the front end of your chassis can result in a totaled vehicle or extensive repair cost. Making added protection especially important for those traveling often when you will be more likely to drive longer periods, late nights, or rough trails. 

Flarespace Tenzing Brush Guard Bumper

Total Protection 

Upgrade from Aluminum bumpers with the 3/16" plate steel Tenzing brushguard. The heavy duty steel can deflect glancing blows or animal strikes without significant damage to the Sprinter's front end, and still weighs in as one of the lightest brush guards on the market at 72 pounds. 

The simplified installation process and labor requirements make the Tenzing brushguard a great value while ruggedly protecting your Sprinter's front end from major accidents. 


Tenzing Trailhead Brush Guard


Quick Install

With only 6 bolts the Tenzing brush guard installs in under 2 hours for new installers, and could be as quick as 40 minutes for experienced installers.  

The simple design is intended for most Mercedes Sprinters; however, a small portion of Mercedes Sprinter 2x4's do not have the additional brackets needed for mounting the Tenzing brushguard. This item can be easily acquired from a Mercedes dealer (part number 906-620-36-00).

See full install instructions here: Installation Manual


Travel confidently with your front bumper protected through unfamiliar terrain and lonely, dark roads. The Tenzing Trailhead Brushguard installs simply and protects your front end from the unexpected. 

  • No cutting required
  • 6-bolt installation
  • 72 pounds
  • All 3/16" plate steel bumper
  • Rugged matte black powder coat
  • Fits 2008-2023 4X4/ AWD Mercedes Sprinter and 2X4 Sprinters with additional bracket.

Flarespace Tenzing Trailhead Brushguard

Watch the Install:


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