Camping is more complete with a warm fire to gather around in any season, but especially in colder months there's nearly no comparison to the comforting light and warmth a fire brings. Unload your firewood, set up your campsite, and make your home in the wilderness with a MegaHex fire pit.

Now you can build your campfire quicker and enjoy it more with the Vargo MegaHex smokeless fire pit. This smokeless and collapsible fire pit is designed with dual foldable inner and outer walls that control the air intake for perfectly burning fires -- making campfires easier, safer and more efficient than ever before. 

 Smokeless Fire Pit, Camp Fire Pit, Travel Fire Pit

Smokeless Fire Pit 

Stay seated while your fire burns! The MegaHex has interior and exterior walls that force air around the fire. You won't have to move your chair in circles to avoid the smoke plume as it dances in the wind, and your fire will burn hotter, more consistently with less work and worry. 

For best smokeless burning add logs slowly and build low inside the chamber -- building the fire too high, outside the chamber disturbs the proper airflow and creates smoke as a typical fire would.     

MegaHex Fire Pit, Portable Fire Pit

Efficient Burning

Build your campfire faster and keep it going with ease. You'll spend less time stoking and fire tending with this smokeless fire pit. The dual chambers block wind and create a more efficient, safer, and smoother burning fire you can just sit back and enjoy. 

The MegaHex's stainless steel walls heat up fast and burn at a consistent rate, so you won't have to keep adjusting the firewood to help your fire burn correctly. 

MegaHex Fire Pit, Travel Fire Pit 

Keep Your Fire Enclosed 

Worry less about wind and keep your fire going in wet environments. The 13.25" walls keep the fire enclosed from heavy winds and your fire burning evenly.

Grated openings along the bottom outer wall funnel air through the chamber and pulls it upward through the inner wall -- keeping the heat enclosed with the right amount of oxygen -- while the bottom compartment acts as an ashtray to collect hot coals safely and allow for quick cleanup once cool.

 Megahex Fire Pit, Smokeless Fire Pit, Portable Fire Pit

Collapsible Design Sets Up Quickly

The MegaHex's collapsible design makes it easy to travel with, and sets up in under a minute.

The sleek foldable walls flatten, stack together, and tuck away inside the included nylon storage bag so you can stow it safely when not in use. Plus the portable design helps protect it for a longer lifetime of enjoyment. 


Leave No Trace! 

With the portable MegaHex you won't need to build or find a traditional fire pit while camping. You can quickly set up your MegaHex, and when you're ready to pull out there's little cleanup to leave no trace of fire behind. 

Just fold up the origami-style walls, carry the bottom ashtray compartment to a safe location, dump the ashes out, and bury them completely to be sure there are no hot coals remaining. Then sweep over the ground to cover any trace of unnatural disturbance.

Always be sure to double check your campsite for any trash or debris that might be left behind, and always leave no trace behind to protect our wild lands. 


Set Up and Care

The MegaHex sets up quickly with two hexagon shaped bottom trays, a hexagon shaped lid, and two foldable side panels that wrap around the bottom tray and are supported upright by multiple grate openings within the tray. 

For product care we suggest stowing away your MegaHex when not in frequent use, and for easy clean up simply wipe down with soap and water to remove soot.

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This product has been tested and loved by our product team. It's easy to carry on the road, sets up quickly, and burns more efficiently compared to a traditional campfire Click here to shop the MegaHex!

Watch our Campervan HQ MegaHex demo video here to see the full set up:

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