Our new Thinsulate Kits for Sprinter and Transit vans are here. CNC machine-cut Campervan HQ Thinsulate Kits will simplify and speed up your van build, and save you so much hassle and working time in the process. 

Our easy to use Thinsulate kits come with a visual diagram and numbered cut-outs so you can quickly pop in your insulation, without measuring, cutting, and sweating the install.

We're making van builds easier with our new Thinsulate Kits for Transit and Sprinter vans.

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Campervan Hq Thinsulate Kits Installed by Open Road Campers

Quick + Easy Install

To prepare for insulation you'll want to add in a base layer of sound dampening insulation and moisture/heat resistant coating like Lizard Skin OEM directly to the van metal wall and stock up on a few cans of 3M spray on adhesive. 

To begin, open your box and sort through your pre-cut Thinsulate pieces. Using the included guide and corresponding number on each piece, layout your pieces and test fit each for accuracy. Next, simply spray on a thin, even layer of 3M adhesive to the wall and to the backside (white side) of Thinsulate, wait about a minute for the adhesive to set, and lay in your Thinsulate piece with black embossed side out. The embossed layer is an extra layer of woven moisture resistant fibers, and will help keep your walls from absorbing natural moisture emitted into the air.

Work through each open van cavity by testing fitment before adding adhesive and bonding Thinsulate in place. 

Thinsulate Kit Install by Open Road Campers

Why We Love Thinsulate

Thinsulate makes insulating your van easier by combining multiple needs into a single material: sound dampening, thermal, and moisture resistant insulation. 

Thinsulate is hydrophobic meaning it won’t absorb water, is moisture, mold and mildew resistant, and also acts as an additional vapor barrier to your walls. This unique non-woven acoustic absorber is composed of polyester and polypropylene fibers, and provides a R Value of 5.2. 

Thinsulate Insulation

See the full 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation Technical Data Sheet Here

We Recommend Applying Lizard Skin OEM Thermal Insulation and Lizard Skin Sound Deadening Coating  to Maximize Your Van's Thermal and Sound Insulation.

When used in combination with Lizard Skin, Thinsulate Insulation will completely cutout evasive moisture reaching in behind your walls, and reduce your noise pollution for a more comfortable, private van experience. 

Campervan HQ

What Creates Moisture Inside Your Van?

So many elements factor into the moisture level inside your van walls. The small, enclosed space makes it easy to trap moisture even from just breathing normally, but weather, temperature and environment also play a huge role. 

For example, living beside the beach creates a more humid and damp environment compared to being in the desert. To keep your van feeling dry and reduce mold or mildew from occurring you'll want to add a moisture/heat barrier on your van walls to block damp air and heat transfer that routinely happens otherwise. 

Other suggestions include adding a rooftop fan or creating more ventilation by adding vented windows or rooftop skylights among other suggestions, like routinely cleaning and ventilating your van.

 Thinsulate Kit Install by Open Road Campers

Thinsulate Kit install photos shot in collaboration with Open Road Campers


We've made it easy for you to complete your van build insulation with our new, complete Thinsulate Kits for Sprinter and Transit vans. We know van builds take a lot of thought and planning, and from our personal build experience, deep connection to professional and DIY builders, and dedicated team members we're continuing to work to develop new products that will simplify your van build process.

We're reducing your planning and install time by simplifying Thinsulate measurements with our precisely machine-cut kits that quickly pop into place, and get you on your way to finishing your build and hitting the road faster.

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