Looking to upgrade your van flooring to a marine-grade, pro-quality flooring that's ready for any adventure? Get professional CNC-machine precision-cut Lonseal or 2tec2 Van Flooring designed specifically for ProMaster, Sprinter, and Transit vans.

It's no secret that camper van conversions take on the worst environments: mud, sand, snow, rain, hail, and everything in between. Hiking, biking, skiing, or any outdoor activity requires hauling, storing, and trekking long distances with gear in-tow. Don't forget about bringing your pets or kids along -- your van flooring matters most here! 

Common laminate floors just won't stand the test of time, eventually, cracking, breaking, bowing or scratching. Laminate floors are designed for casual-wear in house environments. Protected from so much rugged use and extensive exposure to weather-related wear.

Campervan flooring durability and clean-ability are just as important as your van's floor plan and functional design. Contributing to how comfortable and capable you are while adventuring. Our 2tec2 and Lonseal pre-cut van flooring holds up against even the roughest wear, and cleans easily to keep your van flooring looking great for years to come.

Lonseal Pre-cut Flooring Sprinter, ProMaster, Transit vans

Why Choose Professionally CNC-Cut Flooring?

Designed to fit your van floor perfectly, professionally CNC-cut van flooring ensures a seamless and tailored look and offers an adventure-ready, pro-grade finish. The precision-cut fit guarantees a quick and flawless installation, leaving your interior looking and functioning like a professional-built campervan.

We CNC-cut each Sprinter, ProMaster and Transit floor in-house with our experienced CNC-operator and design teams. High-quality van top-floors and professional custom-fit flooring in-one, delivered fast from our warehouse.

Upgrade with CNC precision-cut 2tec2 or Lonseal van flooring, providing a beautiful finish that will last for years of rough wear.


2tec2 Pre-cut van flooring

2Tec2 and Lonseal Pre-Cut Van Flooring Options

Pre-cut van flooring

Pre-cut van flooring

How Easy is the Installation Process?

Just position your van flooring in place, apply recommended glue as directed, lay the pre-cut flooring into place, and use a floor roller to remove any air bubbles.

No need to worry about complicated measurements, cutting or damaging your flooring during install.

Our pre-cut van floors are a hassle-free way to upgrade your van interior with a touch of pro-grade luxury. Upgrade your van interior effortlessly with our professionally crafted pre-cut van floors.

Watch the video below for more details.

Choosing the Right Adhesive

For a secure and long-lasting installation, it's essential to choose the right adhesive. 

For Lonseal van flooring, opt for the Lontape, Lonseal 2-part Epoxy, or P809 for a strong bond that will withstand the rigors of your adventures. Watch the video below for details on installing Lonseal flooring using their warranty-approved 2-part expoxy.

For 2tec2 van flooring, we recommend DAP All Purpose Adhesive-Spray Grade.  

Proper van floor installation with the appropriate adhesive ensures your van flooring stays in place, and has a professional, flawless finish, no matter where the road takes you.

Key Features of 2tec2 and Lonseal Flooring

2tec2 flooring is water and stain resistant, and capable of handling all your adventures. Easily sweep pet hair off, and don't worry about muddy paws or any other unfortunate accidents. 2tec2's high-tech woven vinyl fibers are incredibly easy to clean without any harsh chemicals, making it the perfect flooring choice for any RV, camper van or truck camper.

Lonseal flooring offers added durability and elegance, creating a luxurious atmosphere in your van. Their rugged vinyl flooring options provide a 3-dimensional design and gripping function for your van, suitable for installation on both the van floor and cabinets to maintain a cohesive appearance and enhance protection.
Pre-cut Lonseal van flooring
Experience the luxury of professionally CNC-cut van flooring designed for adventure. Choose durability, function, and style to enhance your journeys.

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