Lontape Flooring Adhesive Tape

  • $ 130.00

Are you installing Lonseal Vinyl Flooring and want a simple installation solution? Lonseal Flooring Adhesive Tape is an adhesive substrate used to secure Lonseal flooring to subfloor materials. 

Easy to apply, simply unroll the tape and place the adhesive side down on base materials, leaving the red film attached to the top of the tape to prevent accumulation of dirt, dust and debris. Cover the entire flooring area with tape and use a silicone roller to remove air bubbles underneath the tape. Once the flooring area is fully covered, begin to pull up strips of the red backing film to reveal the adhesive on top, starting in the center of the floor and laying your Lonseal Flooring in stages, using a flooring roller to remove air bubbles as you go.

The main advantage to Lontape adhesive is the extended working time over Lonseal's epoxy, which allows the installer more time to be sure the flooring is laid securely and without bubbling.

Specifications: Lontape Flooring Adhesive Tape

Roll Width 4" or 6"
Roll Length 108 ft.
Overall Thickness 8 mil (0.02 mm) without liner
Adhesion Steel: 90 oz./in. (25 N/25mm)
Temperature Resistance (Cured 392 °F (200.0 °C) short term
176 °F (80.0 °C) long term
Shelf Life 1 year when stored properly
Storage Conditions 65 °F – 85 °F (18.3 °C – 29.4 °C);
keep dry and out of direct
sunlight in a well-ventilated
Application Conditions 65 °F – 85 °F (18.3 °C – 29.4 °C)

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