Bostik Adhesive

  • $ 26.00

We have chosen Bostik adhesive for the installation of Arctic Tern products for its ease of use, excellent mechanical and environmental performance, and its safety for the installer. We highly recommend it for the installation of all Arctic Tern products which specify the use of adhesive.

  • Formulated for assembly and repair in the heavy trucking and rv industry
  • Safe and easy to use for a wide variety of demanding assembly applications
  • Cartridges 10oz
  • Sausages 20oz

​Bostik 70-05A is a one component, Silyl Modified Polymer that is used for bonding and sealing floors, metal frames, and elastic constructive joints in the transportation and rv industry. It is solvent free, odorless, paintable, requires no primer, and resistant to UV and aging.

How to Use: Bostik Adhesive

Surface Prep: All bonding surfaces should be scuffed using a Scotchbrite type pad, and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol ONLY. Do not substitute any other cleaner! Allow the surface to dry before application of adhesive. For best performance temperatures should be above 60F, and humidity above 30%. Lower temperature or humidity will significantly lengthen the set and cure times.

Note: Cartridges(10oz) are good for single installs. One full tube is needed for a roof hatch, one for small cargo doors, and two for entry doors and large cargo doors. Sausages(20oz) are good for multiple installs or entire projects. Shipping for a case of 12 is $40. Individuals will be calculated at checkout. 

Specifications: Bostik Adhesive

Typical Use:  Designed for making high strength elastic construction joints in many industries; bus, caravan, rv, train and truck construction. Sealing welded seams etc.
Chemical Composition: Silyl modified polymer
Color: Very Light Gray (Almost White)
Components: 1 part
Cure System: Moisture Elongation: 200% @ break
Flash Point: >93.3 °C Hardness: 60 A
Service Temperature: -40 to 120 °C
Shear Strength: 435 psi
Specific Gravity: 1.5 g/mL
Tensile Strength:  500 psi
Working Time: 15 min @ 70 degrees / 50% relative humidity *See SDS for curing details


Documents: Bostik Adhesive 

Bostik Adhesive TSD

Bostik Adhesive Safety Data Sheet

Video: Bostik Adhesive



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