CRL Ram ProMaster Passenger Side Sliding Door T-Vent Window (FW395R)

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Want a screened, opening camper window for your Ram ProMaster camper van? This vented, screened CRL Ram Promaster Window is a perfect choice. Designed so that its dimensions and contouring match the van body and the fit of the factory window cutout, this large dark-tinted window matches the look of the factory glass. The window has a crank-out bottom panel with a detachable screen, giving you excellent ventilation, especially when combined with a vented window on the other side like the FW392L window.

(Note that, unlike the driver-side FW392L version, there is only one opening bottom rear panel, the bottom front panel does not open).

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Key Features: CRL Ram Promaster Passenger Side Sliding Door T-Vent Window (FW395R)

This CRL Ram Promaster Passenger Side Sliding Door T-Vent (FW395R) window:

  • Fits 2014+ Ram Promaster 136"/159"/159"EXT wheelbase vans
  • Has a 28% dark gray factory tint
  • Uses tempered glass for maximum safety and strength
  • Has one crank-out opening bottom panel with a detachable screen
  • Is tested to ANSI Z26.1 and FMVSS 205 safety standards
  • Uses factory stampings for cut lines
  • Is Made in the USA by CR Laurence.

When mounting these windows on your Ram Promaster:

  • If you can, cut the openings with a center-blade shear, rather than a jigsaw - this will cut an opening that may be less ragged, produce less debris, and produce less hammering on the sheet metal of the van.
  • Make sure you paint the cut edges of the new window opening - if you skip this step, moisture can rust out the edges of the window mounting.
  • IMPORTANT: these windows clamp in place - ensure you do not use power tools on the inner trim ring screws, use hand tools to tighten these.

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Want to save on shipping? Large van windows can only ship via truck freight, so you pay shipping for the window and the pallet on which the window ships. Smaller windows can ship via UPS, so you'll pay less shipping.

Specifications: CRL Ram Promaster Passenger Side Sliding Door T-Vent Window (FW395R) 

Size (in.): 44-11/16 (1.14 m) x 26-1/8 (664 mm)
Weight (lbs.): 40
Tint: 28% Dark Gray
Window Type: Single Vent (Clamp-in)



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