Thetford Cassette Toilet Service Door 3 (White)

  • $ 119.99

The Thetford Cassette Toilet Service Door 3 is an access door for Thetford cassette toilets like the C223CS or C224CW. When you install a cassette toilet in your RV, you'll build the toilet enclosure, wire it for power, plumb it into the main water tank or water supply, and cut an opening in the side of the van to mount this cassette toilet service door for access to the cassette.

This service door comes with as a white hinged frame with lock & keys - when you cut the opening, carefully keep the cut-out portion so you can re-use it as the insert panel for the service door.

Key Features: Thetford Cassette Toilet Service Door 3 (White)

  • Modern, streamlined appearance
  • Watertight and resistant to UV degradation
  • Double seal ensures optimum insulation
  • Special push-button locks allow the doors to be closed securely, so they can’t spring open unexpectedly or be forced open
  • Easy self-installation: Thetford service doors are easy to install yourself, horizontally or vertically
  • An easy step-by-step guide is supplied along with a template for creating the opening in the vehicle wall
  • Thetford service doors are suitable for van walls with a thickness of between 0.9-1.5 inches


Specifications: Thetford Cassette Toilet Service Door 3 (White)

Overall dimensions (in.) 15.2 x 13.2
Door dimensions (in.) 13 x 11
Cutout dimensions (in.) 13.7 x 11.7
Weight (lbs.) 2.2 
Wall thickness (in.) 0.9-1.5
Hinge position Side or bottom
Material Plastic
Color White


Video: Installing Thetford Service Door 3 for Cassette Toilet 





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