Choosing Interior Lights

You'll want interior lighting in your camper van/motorhome, and you'll need several kinds of lights:

  • Task lighting - for specific spots (reading lights, galley lights over a counter)
  • Cabin lighting - general illumination for the whole RV living area

Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are currently the best technology for many of these uses, since they provide plenty of light while using very little electric power.

When choosing interior lights, ensure you think about:

  • Power consumption - check the specifications so that if you have multiple lights on a circuit, you design the circuit and overcurrent protection accordingly
  • Color temperature - the color of the light, from the warm (yellow) side of the spectrum to the cooler (blue) side
  • Light output - the amount of light the fixture provides, usually measured in lumens or lux. This will increase with the number of LEDs in the fixture, as will power consumption.

Some LED lights may be dimmable, while others are not designed for this.

For a camper van or motorhome, you might want the following interior lights:

  • Recessed LED puck lights to mount under overhead cabinets
  • Gooseneck map/chart LED lights for reading lights
  • LED light bars or high-output LED puck lights for the RV kitchen countertop
  • LED light strips for toe kick or valance illumination under floor-level or overhead cabinets 

We also carry exterior LED lights for the outside of your camper van or motorhome.